Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in PK 013


This Lippie was given to me by a friend.(The top image is not my own. I found it on Google. I thought I use to show more of the different and more popular colours in this line) She was wearing this one day and I loved the colour so much that I asked where she had got it. The next time I saw her, she gave it to me as a gift.  It’s a Korean product. I have been aware of this brand but I was really, really impressed and excited when I saw the packaging. ISN’T IT JUST TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS!?



It comes in a cute little box with a pink heart on it. (Check image above) The name is very typical Korean. Directly translated from Korean to English. To me, that makes it even more adorable.

The lipstick itself comes in a beautiful pearly pink casing. It’s very princessy and girlie. It comes with a cute little detachable darker pink ring with a ribbon on it. It is by far the most adorable packaging I have ever seen in a makeup line. It is also very sturdy. I have dropped it and it was still just fine. It’s not the cheap kind of plastic, that’s for sure.



The lipstick product itself is engraved with a cute little heart with a crown on the top. Like i said, very princessy. I almost didn’t want to start using it, because it is so adorable and I did not want to spoil it. I plan to squeeze all my other lipsticks into a palette to save space while travelling, but it would be a shame to remove these from it’s gorgeous packaging

The colour pay off is absolutely amazing! It’s a bright Barbie pink. At first, after application, its seems glossy and sheer, but once it dries it is more of a matte finish and it lasts all day long. Here is the swatch:



And here it is on my lips:



They go for 8000 Korean Won, which is equivalent to $7 US or close. They are also available online at their global store for a little more than that.

I plan to do more reviews on different shades, so keep your eyes peeled. I hope that you found this post helpful. You are welcome to suggest specific colours which you would like to see a review on. 

Till next time.



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