ETUDE HOUSE Lipstick Review (Dear My Blooming Lips) OR 204


Etude House is a Korean brand, but I believe it is available online globally and that there are many shops in other Asian countries. They are most well known for their adorable packaging. (The picture above is from their advertising on the net. It is not my own picture, so I do not own any rights on it, though I felt it would be great to use it as it shows their most popular colours.)

I will be reviewing a lipstick in the shade number OR204. I initially wanted to get OR 203, but it was sold out in both of the shops that I visited. I guess it must be a popular colour. 🙂 I will do a review on it as soon as I can get my hands on one!


This is the gorgeous packaging. It comes in a cute little box with a heart on it and the lipstick container itself is light pink with a pearl sheen and an adorable little detachable ring with a ribbon on it in a darker shade of metallic pink. It is very girlie and it has a princess theme to it. The packaging is very durable and very strong. I have dropped one of my lipsticks before and there is no damage whatsoever. I have heard that the lipstick itself can unscrew from the outside packaging, and wiggle around inside if  you carry it in your make up bag or purse, though I have not experienced this myself.

They go for w8000 (Korean won. Equivalent to $7 US)



The box has the colour and the code together with the barcode stuck on the top. I really like that this concept, though I am disappointed that the lipstick itself only has the code stuck to the bottom, with no indication of the colour of the lipstick itself. It makes it hard to grab the right colour when they all look the same. I would press them into a palette as soon as they start wiggling loose on the inside, though it won’t be easy because the packaging is so adorable!!!


The colour on the sticker is definitely true the colour of the product, although it showed up much different on my lips. I am sure if you add more layers that it will become darker. It is one of those colours that can look tacky if you apply too much though, so I’d suggest not being too liberal. Also, using a lip scrub prior to application might be a good idea, because it does show all the creases and bumps on the lips. 


It’s definitely a coral more than an orange hue. I am pleased with the way it looks on my very pale, blue toned skin. It’s already a spring favourite 🙂 It’s also more of a lustre than the PK 013 that I have already done a review on. (which is more matte) It also does not last as long, especially after a meal or a drink. It lasted about 4hours for me today and I was eating quite a bit.  It’s very moisturizing, so it could be worn without a gloss or a lip balm. 

Would I buy this again? ABSOLUTELY! 🙂

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I will keep them coming as I get more of these gorgeous lipsticks. Please feel free to ask questions, suggest specific colours and to tell me what you liked or disliked about this post.

There you have it guys.





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