M.A.C Russian Red lipstick and Cherry Lip Pencil


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons 

Today I want to show you the comparison between MAC Cherry lip pencil and MAC Russians Red. This lipstick is my very first MAC lipstick. I read a lot of blogs and reviews that I had found on Pinterest and a lot of people recommended Russian Red as it is such a vibrant red and it works on so, so many skin tones, if not all. I did not bother trying it out first, I just got it and put it on once I got home and I must say I really love the way it looks on my NW20 skin. 

I made a list of all the lipsticks that I wanted. I vowed to not fall into the trap of buying MAC lipsticks as I have an addiction for their eye shadows as it is and it’s not doing my budget so good 😉 This was my first *Back 2 MAC (See footnote) item and ever since, I am hooked!!! 

I originally wanted Angel, which is a very light pinky hue, but they were all out so I opted for the next one on my list. Russian Red (I always end up going to the shops at the wrong time and not getting what I want, but then getting something equally awesome. hehe)

Here below is an image of a photo shoot in which I used it. (Photo credit: Emil Enchev) You can definitely tell that it is a matte texture although I feel like the lighting used to create this image does not do the colour of the lipstick justice.

As you can see in this image, Russian Red is a very bright blue toned red. I paired it with MAC Cherry Lip Pencil, which is an almost exact colour double. I prefer to use dark coloured lipsticks with matching pencils, because I don’t have a very distinguished lip line and it makes it difficult to apply lipstick straight from the tube without drawing a line first.

Here are some swatches: Russian Red on top  and Cherry lipliner at the bottom:fullsizerender

The packaging of M.A.C lipsticks are very cute. When my husband first saw it he said: “Oh cute, it looks like a bullet.’ Which is dead on. It really does look like a bullet. It’s a very strong, sturdy, black plastic and silver metal bullet shape and the lipstick twists out just like any lipstick does. 🙂 The pencil is just a normal black pencil with a red end indicating the colour. Very well packaged as well. 

Here they are swatched on my lips:


As you can see it’s quite drying and I wouldn’t recommend wearing it alone, unless you’re wearing a primer underneath. I sea lip liner as a guard rail. Once the lipliner is there with your cupid’s bow perfected,  it makes it easier not to go over you lip line which can make you look like the Joker. 

Russian Red: 


And here they are together:fullsizerender-1

The product in the tube is true to the colour on ones lips. I put 2 to 3 layers on. It is a matte so I did apply a layer of Cherry Chapstick before the time, as I have quite dry lips especially with it having been a dry winter here in Asia. All MAC lipsticks smell like vanilla, which is really great for me. I love it when products smell nice. I’ve had some lipsticks that absolutely reek! Not this one. It is also very long-lasting and it dries after about 20 minutes ones lips, which means it won’t rub off onto food or cups or glasses or our husband’s cheeks. That’s a definite plus point for me as well 🙂 It is also clearly made of good quality chemicals, because drug store lipsticks give me throat ache. I must have an allergy or something. MAC does not, so I am very excited about that.

I hope that you have found this blog helpful. Please feel free to suggest specific MAC lipsticks and pencils that you would like to see reviewed.





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