M.A.C. Cranberry Eye shadow Review


Mac Cranberry is one of those colours that I saw and thought: “I could never wear that. Red/pink eye shadow will make my eyes looks sore.” 

Well, I watched some reviews on youtube and fell head over heels in love with this colour. Every person who did a review on it emphasised how complementing it is for blue or green eyes.

I’ve had some mineralized eyes shadow pinwheels, but I really wanted to get a single colour, because the whole Pro Palette idea really tickled me. I ended up getting Cranberry along with Ricepaper and Vanilla. If you saw my small eye shadow collection, you would definitely notice that Cranberry is my favourite. It’s more indented than any other shade I own.


It’s a gorgeous deep pink with hints of plum. Like a purplish red. If that makes sense. It’s a frost finish so it’s got that metallic shine to it. It applies really easy and the colour pay off is great, although I would recommend wearing an eye shadow base like a Paintpot. It will prevent fallout and it will make the colour last longer on your eyes. It also helps that you don’t end up hitting the pan of the shadow so quickly, because you don’t have to apply so much.

Here it is on my eyes:. 


I’m wearing this over an Etude House cream shadow called Evening Party from there Princess Happy Ending collection. I am wearing Cranberry on it’s own, though it could be paired with many different colours. I will do more blogs on that later on.  

I have not curled my lashes or put on any other form of makeup for this image since I’m sick and not going out, so please excuse the darkness around my eyes. I’ve heard that it’s better to swatch on the finger than on the back of the hand, so I did both of them just to give you a better idea:


So there you have it guys. Don’t be afraid to rock that pink or red eye shadow. Tell me what you think, or suggest more colours for me and I’ll review them 🙂

P.s I apologies for the bad footage. It’s cloudy here so nothing I did made the images look better.

Until next time ❤



2 thoughts on “M.A.C. Cranberry Eye shadow Review

  1. I love Cranberry too. ❤

    I've heard the swatching for the fingertip too, but it's usually meant for lipsticks. Because our lip colour is a lot redder toned than the back of our hand, we get a better idea on how the lipstick would look like on our lips, while the back of the hand doesn't give a good idea of it.

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