Etude House Missing You I Can Fly Hand Cream Eastern Grass Owl Bird


I will be reviewing the yellow one in the collection. The box is made of recycled paper and printed with soy ink. It’s really eco friendly and also very cute. It makes it look like the bird is sitting on a branch. 


I recently started buying products from Etude House and what made me hooked on their products is their adorable packaging. Etude House a very popular Korean cosmetic store. They are available throughout Asia, parts of Europe and they are available online at their global store as well. 

I needed a hand cream so I had a look to see what they had in store and I came across the cute little owl. The owl is the container that keeps the lotion. Almost like a Russian doll, the head unscrews and the lotion is kept inside. 


I got the peach flavour. There are 3 other flavours in three different owls that also come in different colours and shapes. ( Cotton Candy, Apple and Cherry.) I will try and do a blog of them all, once I have them all. 

Here is an image with English translations of the flavour and cause of each product. It’s for nature conservation and although I don’t know how much of the item’s cost goes to the fund, I don’t really mind, because they are so, so adorable. 



They contain 30ml of lotion and cost w5500. (About $4 and 80c US)

🙂 Till next time 



4 thoughts on “Etude House Missing You I Can Fly Hand Cream Eastern Grass Owl Bird

  1. I’ve never tried Etude House. How are the products from there?

    By the way, I sent you a message on Facebook, it should be in the ‘other’ folder of your Inbox (not the main folder). Have you seen it?

    • I like what I’ve purchased so far. Etude House is my go to for BB creams and I adore their lipsticks and hand creams. I have a ton (almost literally) of samples from them which I will be doing blogs on, so there will be more info about their stuff once I’m done with all of that. 🙂

    • I know right. I can’t wait to get the whole set. I was also thinking of buying a ton of them for Christmas stockings. Who doesn’t need a ton of hand creams. 🙂 And who won’t like this cute packaging…?

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