GARNIER Skin Naturals. Pure 3 in 1


I have honestly used Garnier’s Pure range since I was 14. I guess I’ll be giving my age away here, but it is a little over 10 years now. I tried all the drug store facial washes and creams and I was fairly happy with Johnson and Johnson’s Clean and Clear, but in the 9th grade (Or as most of you call ‘freshman year’) I realised that I needed something with better exfoliation. Garnier just came out that year in South Africa and I decided to give it a try. At first I loved it so much that I overused it and washed my face 5 times a day because I just loved the smell of it and the clean feeling it left behind, but I ended up burning my skin ūüė¶ Some say it is a bit harsh, but I was really just being stupid. So I had to give my face a week to heal and then I tried it again, twice a day and I loved it ever since and it has become my go to product.¬†

Okay, now I did not use this particular product. I used a daily scrub, which I only have a photo of, but unfortunately it is in German. I will translate, so please bear with me ūüôā


Hautklar. Salizylsäure + zink                         Clear skin. Salicylic acid + zinc
Tägliches Anti-mitesser Waschpeeling        Daily anti-blackhead exfoliating wash

Anti-talg, anti-unreinheiten                           Anti-tallow (grease or oily shine), anti-impurities

I have it in German because it’s not available in Korea, so I had to ask a friend to send it to me from Germany. The English product used to also say “Cucumber Extract”.

I don’t have any of this product left, but I will tell you how I’ve experienced it and then review the 3 in 1:

This product is a great exfoliator. My skin feels so soft and squeaky clean after every wash. I dries out imperfections, making them less swollen and helping them to heal faster. It also removes and prevents black heads, white heads and impurities. My skin has been mostly clear all my teenaged years, except for an odd pimple on the rare monthly occasion. I do thank my parents for good genes, but I also believe that this product has a made a difference.

Now back to the 3 in one mask which is very similar (if not better), only it has 3 functions and uses and it really works. I received this yesterday after having to be without it for a month or two. My friend brought it along with a ton of chocolates, dried fruit roll and¬†liquorice. Just some things I love from home. I was honestly most excited about this product because I LOVE it! I don’t know how I’ve managed without it for 2 months…

This product can be used in 3 ways:

wash, scrub and mask. 

I hardly ever use it to just wash because I need that exfoliation. So I scrub daily and mask 3 times a week or for 2 days, once every day before a photo shoot. 


I did it in haste, so I did not use the product too liberally, but it was sufficient. It’s a white clay that you can either put on and wash off¬†immediately, put on scrub and wash off, or put on and leave it on for 3 minutes, wait for it to dry and then wash off. I did that latter.

I have a bit of a breakout under my chin which I believe is caused by a recent chin wax. I always get little bumps after a wax, which eventually leave 2 or 3 bad zits if I don’t have this product handy. This product really does prevent impurities as it claims…¬†

Only after one mask, my skin feels so so squeaky clean and the bumps are dried out and not swollen. I believe they will be gone in two days or so with continual use. 


This is the result. Unedited and makeupless. Just my bare skin to show. I’ve noticed that the pores on my nose are no longer black. My skin clear. I don’t get gunk under my nails when I scratch my face and my zits are (like I said) dried out and rapidly healing.

I end off my routine with the lotion that comes in the same line.


Again, I apologise for the German. If you Google ‘Garnier Pure’, you will find the English version of this. It’s a sebum controlling and matifiying daily moisturiser and it works like a dream.¬†

At the moment my German containers are empty, but I promise to do a more¬†discrete review on all of these products once I have my hands on them again. I wish I had them all now ūüė¶ but I’ll just have to order them from Amazon or have a friend send me some.¬†

I hope you adore the product as much as I do. It is truly worth giving a try.  

Till next time

‚̧ Amanda


2 thoughts on “GARNIER Skin Naturals. Pure 3 in 1

  1. I really like this Garnier cleanser, leaves your face fresh and really clean.
    Btw i just found your blog through Niicolea, and iviting you to the weekly
    Friendly Bunch Blog Hop (#13)
    A great way to find new blog to follow.
    Stop by any time & say hi.

    xoxo, Luchessa.

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