M.A.C. Amber Lights and Ricepaper Eyeshadow Combo for Blue eyes.


M.A.C eyeshadows have become a bit of an addiction for me. I was never really into makeup much, until I learnt that eye shadows can make the colour in your eyes stand out. People have always told me that my eyes are my greatest asset, so I thought I give it a try. I read so Pinterest posts to find out which colours are great for blue eyes and these two colours stood out for me. They were some of the first eye shadows I bought from M.A.C. and when spring came, I played around with some of my colours and came across this amazing combo and it’s been my favourite ever since. 


These are the shadows after I’ve depotted them. You can also by them in this form to place in either a Z palette or a M.A.C. pro palette. I have mine in a M.A.C. quad. 


These colours are great to wear on their own. Amber lights is the most beautiful deep gold colour with a fine glittery almost metallic sheen to it. It’s an extremely daring colour if you look at it in the pan, but once it’s on the lid it is gorgeous. It’s not disco gold and it doesn’t have fall out like a lot of the glittery Urban Decay shadows. 

You can wear it on it’s own or combine it with other colours. I have chosen to wear it in the crease, with Rice paper on the lid. 

I applied M.A.C. Painterly Paint Pot as a base to make sure that there are no crease lines and to insure that the colour stays on all day. I also feel like the base causes the shadows to have a ton more colour pay off and one does not have to use such a liberal amount to get the desired look. M.A.C eyeshadows have great colour pay off as whole anyway. 

This is how the stickers of the shadows look at the back. As you can see, I have removed the sticker from the back of the eye shadow pot, depotted the eye shadow from the pot and placed it on the magnet that is stuck to the back of the pan. This way I get to see which colour I am using and I can save much more space by putting all my shades into a palette. (I will do a blog on that later)Image

Ricepaper is a beautiful light yellow/ beige colour. It reminds me caramel ice cream. It is lovely for all over the lid or as a brow-bone highlighter. 


As you can see in this out of focus image 🙂 I packed Ricepaper onto the lid softly till just below the crease, then I used Amber Lights in windshield wiper strokes along the crease and blended it in. It does wonder for blue eyes. I wore this on a camp and never got so many compliments on my eyes in my life.

I hope this post was helpful to you. Please feel free to pop me questions below or requests. I apologise for the bad images. I am a model, not a photographer and I suck at applying mascara. 

Till next time ❤



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