Super Sweet Blogging Award

I am really honoured and blessed to be nominated for this award by an awesome blogger, You should definitely go and have a peak at what she’s up to. She blogs on make up ūüôā eek. Thanx Pixie. This is a very happy surprise for me as I only started blogging about a month ago.


For the Super Sweet Blogging Award, you have to:

1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer 5 Super Sweet Questions.

3. Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award image in your blog post.

4. Nominate a baker’s dozen other bloggers.

5. Notify the nominees of their nomination on their blog.

1.¬†Cookies or cake?¬†Cookies, without a doubt. I love baking them, buying them and most of all eating them ūüôā Cookie Monster allert.

2. Chocolate or Vanilla? I love them both, but chocolate a whole lot more. In every form.

3.¬†Favourite sweet treat?¬†Besides chocolate? I love jelly sweets. Babies, bears, beans… you name it. I also love black liquorice with pink candy around it. Beacon’s¬†Liquorice¬†All Sorts…

4.¬†When do you crave sweet things the most?¬†Usually during my monthly and ironically when I’m sick or on a diet and know full well that I can’t have any.

5.¬†Sweet Nickname:¬†Babytjoklits (Afrikaans for Baby Chocolates. It’s form a song) Also Springbokkie. It’s a shot made of Amarula and Perpermint¬†Liqueur¬†and it’s¬†delicious!¬†I had a lot of that during my Uni years, though I don’t drink anymore.

I nominate:


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