M.A.C. Expensive Pink

Mac Expensive Pink is  one of those colours that you will see every blogger rave about. You’ll se it a lot in blogs and on Pinterest just because it’s so freakin’ amazing. It’s one of the best selling colours from Mac’s permanent eye shadow collection, so go figure 🙂

Here is picture taken of it using a flash.Image

And here is a picture taken of without using a flash. 


It’s a duo chrome peach/ light gold colour. In the pan it just looks like a shiny peach, but on the eyes it has a duo chrome. (meaning if you turn your face in different angles, the colour changes.) I don’t think the name is very fitting. I would call it Expensive Peach or Forbidden Fruit or something like that, because it is clearly not pink in any way. 

This is how the sticker at the back of the pot looks. I have removed the sticker and placed it on the depotted pan instead for using it in my pro palette. ( As you can see, I burnt it while removing it from the pot. ;( )


It’s a veluxe pearl, which means it’s got really fine glitter sheen to it, although it does not have fall out like some glittery eye shadows. The glitter pieces are so, so small, so it does not look like craf tstore glitter at all. 


Here I am wearing it over Painterly Paintpot, just to make sure it stays on long and does not crease. It also helps not to use a ton of powder shadow and it prevents fall out. I would recommend either a Paintpot by Mac or a Primer Potion by Urban Decay. It will make you shadows last so much longer in the pan and so much longer on your lid too, so it definitely helps for the budget and it makes it look so much more professional.


Lastly, I am putting in a finger swatch of the colour:


I hope you like this post. It’s a must have colour for every skin and eye colour. It is said to be really great for blue and green eyes. I can definitely vouch for that. If you are getting married or working on brides’ makeup, I would recommend this colour above any other.

Till next time

❤ Amanda


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