Etude House Color POP Dear My Lips-Talk


I was actually looking for another shade in the Dear My Blooming Lips line, but they were sold out as they usually are, because the colour I want is clearly very popular. I bought this on a whim because I saw a 1plus1 sale and wanted to take advantage of it. 


Here is a comparison of the Dear My Blooming Lips Talk packaging compared:


Although this colour could be classified as a red or as a dark orange, it is put in the orange line. You can tell by the ring around the lipstick. (Which by the way, is detachable) and the barcode reads OR for orange instead of RD for red.


I love that the packing comes with a colour sticker, because I might want to press this lipstick into a palette one day and the sticker will most definitely come in handy. I must say that it will be hard for me to depot any of my Etude House Lipsticks because they are just so adorable. 

Here is a swatch. It’s similar to Lady Danger, but it’s not a matte. It’s more of cream sheen and has a little more yellow to it than blue. In other words it’s a more vibrant red, almost orangy kind of red.


Etude House is well known for their crazy names and cute packaging. The crazy names really come from being translated directly out of Korean into English. 🙂 This one is translated to “Although Not Orange”. I would say “Off orange/red”. The product even smells like orange, which I really am impressed with. 🙂

And here it is on my lips:



I like this colour more than Russian Red, because it’s something that I can wear on a daily basis. It’s not an exclusively evening wear red lipstick.

I will be getting more from this line in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. 

Until next time

❤ Amanda



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