Mac Nicki 2 Viva Glam Lipstick


I’m sorry that I have to corrupt you with this hideous picture. 😉 I will be doing a review on the lilac purple lipstick and I will do another one of the orange one later. 

I must admit when I first saw this advert I really trolled about it. I don’t like the way it looks on her and I quite honestly can’t stand her either, BUT I’m obsessed with purple, so I decided to buy it despite my dislike of her.


I don’t like the way it looks on its own on my NW 20 skin, but I did some research and found that it looks great with an ombre look. So I got out my old Avon Cranberry which I don’t like to wear on its own either, because it looks too vampy, and I combined the two colours.


It gives it just enough colour to not make it look chalky. I really like the way it came out. 


I also heard that it goes well with Mac Magenta lip liner. I will get this soon and do another post. 

All Mac lipsticks smell like vanilla and Mac is known for its good quality when it comes to their lipsticks especially, so even though this colour is not my top pic, I don’t regret having bought it.

Viva Glam is a foundation started by Mac where they collaborate with musicians to create lines that get associated with the artist. These colours are colours that Nicki would wear and that’s why they are named after her. The entire cost of an item sold in this line goes into an AIDS foundation. I think it’s a wonderful idea, because it will attract both fans of the musician and fans of Mac and the fund will make a large amount in aid of AIDS.

Nicki 2 comes in a amplified cream texture. It’s really moisturising, though ones lips do need priming and for people like myself, who don’t have very distinguished lip lines, it will require a liner of some sorts.

  This is what the packaging of Nicki 2 looks like:


As you can see, it does not look exactly like the lippies from Mac’s permanent line. The name is printed in red and the inside of the bullet shaped casing is read too, with the signature of the artist.

I do feel that people with richer skin tones look tons better with the colour on its own. I have seen many pics of black girls who really and I mean really rock this colour, but I just don’t feel that flatters my porcelain white skin unless I add some deeper purples to it. 

Here is a swatch:


I hope you have enjoyed this post. Like I’ve said before, don’t let the colour put you off. This lippie has a lot of potential, if worn right.

Until next time

❤ Amanda


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