Etude House I Can Fly Missing You Hand Cream Kakapo Bird


Above is the picture of the full set of hand creams from the I can fly line. I’ve already reviewed the yellow one, but today I will be reviewing the green/turquoise one.

The packaging that I got with mine is all in Korean, but luckily I found a picture on the internet with it all in English.


As you can see from the image above, this is a nature conservation campaign. I couldn’t pick up how much of the item’s cost actually goes to nature conservation, but I’m happy to oblige none the less, because these products are so adorable and definitely value for money.

Kakapo is the green one on the top right. 


It comes in this adorable little box that makes it look like the bird is sitting on a branch. The box is made out of recycled paper and printed with soy ink. I love the nature conservation feel of the whole item. They really went out of their way to make this green and eco friendly.

Here is what it looks like unboxed. The container is somewhat like a Russian doll. You unscrew the head of the bird and the contents are inside. It’s very well designed, because there is only one way to screw the head on, so you won’t have the head on backwards or anything. I really like that. The container is made of hard plastic so it won’t break or crack open if you drop it. It’s a perfect size for a handbag, office drawer etc and it’s so cute that it makes a great ornament as well. Image

And here is what it the hand cream looks like. It’s in the flavour Sunny Sunny Apple. The scent is great and not too overwhelming. It’s also not the kind of cream that makes  you feel dewy or greasy. It’s just right.


My previous container lasted me a month and I don’t apply a ton of hand cream every day. I do feel though that it’s still value for money. One can always put something else in it once the cream is finished.

Here is an image of the two that I have of this line so far. 


The yellow once comes in the flavour Peach Peach Peach. Here is a review on it:

Etude House made another line that goes with this line. It’s a line of lip balms. I will do a review on that soon as well, but here is a picture in the mean time:

ImageI hope you like these products as much as I do and I hope that you can get your hands one them. If not, let me know and I can put one for you on ebay or something.

Until next time

  ❤ Amanda


2 thoughts on “Etude House I Can Fly Missing You Hand Cream Kakapo Bird

  1. This is sooo cute! Have seen them on amazon but haven’t gotten around to purchase. Thanks so much for sharing^^

    • I am glad you like them too. Yes, they are available on Amazon, I believe. If you have trouble getting a hold of a certain item from Etude House, feel free to let me know. I don’t sell them, but I live in Korea, so I can put them on Amazon upon request.

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