The Gardenshop Mini Haul


The Gardenshop is not a chain store. It’s a little souvenir shop at a flower garden in South Korea, but they have really good stuff. I will be heading there again very soon, just for the sake of the shop.

Today my husband and I got tickets for a ITX speed train, took the train for about an hour to get to a flower nature reserve/ park. It was our little Sunday date and it was lovely. 

For some reason I got this obsession into my head that I wanted to find a four leaf clover. I searched high and low but could not find one, and it was not from a lack of clovers. The stuff was everywhere! I got discouraged, as I never ever win things and though it seems shallow and stupid, I just really wanted to find one. Like a little gift from God. 

I soon gave up and thought, well, it’s not every day people find these things and they usually don’t go out looking for it. They usually stumble upon it. Well, as we were about to leave the garden, we walked into the last little souvenir shop by the exit and right at the door they had a display of jewellery. I love jewellery so I decided to go and have a look and this is what I found!!!


A four leaf clover embedded in a crystal shaped resin bead, dangling from a sterling silver chain. I am in absolute ecstasy about it. It’s not an expensive piece of jewellery. We only paid about $10 for it, but it is perfect in every way and it really made my day!

Along with it we bought two hand made gel soaps:


They come in hexagon shapes and were displayed in a tessellation, making it look like a colourful bee hive.  I decided on getting the lemon soap, because it smells exactly like the Satsuma gel soap from The Body Shop which is a favourite of my sister’s. It will be added to a gift parcel for her. I also got the berry scented soap because I love the smell so much and the colour is just beautiful. They had other scents like Lavender and Rose and bunch of other that did not appeal to me as much. 


Lastly is this cute bag of tissues which is always a need for me. I always have teary eyes from wearing contacts and I too often have to struggle without a tissue at hand. It’s a great purse size and plus the packaging is just so adorable. These are available all over Korea in convenient stores. I had another one from this line with a chick’s face on it, instead of a dog. (When I say chick I actually mean baby chicken. (*v*)  )

If you ever come to Korea I would recommend this place. It’s called the Garden of Morning Calm. They have great food, great coffee shops, the flowers are awesome and this shop is a must see. There are tons of other scented handmade goodies to choose from as well. I will pick some up the next time I go. 

Till next time

From a very lucky blogger 😉


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