ETUDE HOUSE Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencil PK 103



I have been eyeing these babies for a while now, but I have been placing some orders from Mac and Urban Decay that pretty much killed my budget, so when I saw these at Etude House for 50% off, I had to pick one up.



I really like the colour of this one. It’s really bright and yet creamy at the same time and with a touch of fine golden sparkle. It doesn’t cause fall out, though I can imagine that it might leave some glitter behind even after the colour is gone. 

I really think this is a win. I mean even for $6 you can’t go wrong, and I ended up paying $3. 😀

The product comes in a cute white non retractable pencil, and you can even buy a palette in which to place them which I think is pretty cool.






I will definitely pick up some more of these and possibly a palette too, if they are still available.

Here is the swatch:


I apologise for not posting a full face image. I have a lip rash from yesterday’s wax fail… More about that in my previous blog.

Till next time

❤ Amanda


3 thoughts on “ETUDE HOUSE Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencil PK 103

  1. I really like the colour of this, I’ve been stalking reviews about this product everywhere! xD Thank you for the review! And oh my – I hope you lip rash gets better… I just recently had a wax fail as well (last week, actually), and I had a red, angry, lip burn/rash for 5 days! D:

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    • Arg… I don’t know if I’m sensitive or what… It’s just that when I went to the salon back home, i had no issues at all. It’s almost gone now. I’m hoping it will be gone before Saturday, as I am singing a solo and I don’t want to look like pepperoni face… lol.Anyway, we live and learn 😉

      I’m glad you like the review. I will definitely get some more in the future. You might want to keep your eyes peeled, as Etude House as a %50 sale on EVERYTHING at the moment. I wish I planned for this one. 😦 Mew, but luckily they have sales like every other month…

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