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Etude House I Can Fly Missing You Hand Cream Cerulean Warbler


I did a review of two of these in the past. Today I will be reviewing the blue bird.


As you can see, this is a nature conservation project. The little box it comes in is made from recycled paper and printed with soy ink. 

Etude House packaging is so so adorable. Not only does the hand cream come in an adorable owl shape, but the owl comes in a little box that makes it look like it’s sitting on a branch. Really cute:


The container is like a Russian doll. You unscrew the head to find the lotion on the inside. There is also only one way to screw on the head to make sure that the bird isn’t looking the wrong way. 


This one comes in Sweet Cotton Candy scent. It’s a really nice scent, although I love the Peach Peach Peach more. The consistency of the cream is also really good. It’s not so overwhelmingly rich like Nivea Creme, but it’s a decent cream that won’t make you feel dewy and oily after application. 

Here is a picture of the trio that I have so far. There is another owl in the set. It’s pink and Cherry flavoured, but it was sold out when I got there, so I guess it must be the most popular. 


Here are the links for the two other reviews, incase you are interested:

Till next time 🙂

❤ Amanda