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Mac Lipblossum Lipstick.

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons 

I did two BACK TO MAC trades this last week. BACK TO MAC is a recycling system with MAC Cosmetics, which allows you to trade in 6 empty containers for a brand new item. It works out great for me, because I buy eyeshadows which I depot and put in my palette and then I always end up with the plastic containers. It doesn’t take me forever to collect 6 of them. In many countries you can choose just about anything from an eyeshadow to a lipstick to lipgloss. You name it. However, in Korea, you can only pick out a lipstick from a selection of about 15 different shades. It does handicap one a bit, but I was lucky to pic up 2 colours which I absolutely adore.

I have some MAC lipsticks, but none are wearable on daily basis. I got them for photo shoots for my modeling. So with this BACK TO MAC episode, I decided to get some more wearable colours.

The first colour I got is Lipblossum. It’s not a well known colour at all, because was an Asian only release, and only recently became a permanent internationally. Lipblossum is a lustre and as you can tell it’s a beautiful coral with a fine gold shimmer.  I was looking for Colour Me Coral, but this is the closest I could get. I am not disappointed at all. 

Here is the swatch: 

And this is what it looks like on:

Let me me know what you think. I’d take better images, but again I’m stuck with bad weather, bad lighting and an iPhone camera. I will add more as soon as I can.

Till next time.

Love Amanda


Am I Tripping. Mac Pro Palette Large Duo for $8


Am I tripping? I paid $25 each, for my Mac large duo palettes. Now they are on the Mac site for $8 each. Is Mac finally seeing that their palettes are too expensive? This is insane!

Price list:
Mac Large Duo $8
Mac Large single $8
Mac Eyeshadow 15 insert $2
Mac Blush 6 insert $2
Mac Lipstick 24 insert $2
Mac Lipstick 12 insert $2

Who else paid more than 5 times they price for their Mac palettes when they released not so long ago. This is madness.

There will be arm twisting going on in our household. I’m certainly going to take advantage of the SALE/ printing error.

From a confused and excited blogger.

LOTD Mac Daydreaming and Beautiful Iris


I found this look on Pinterest a while ago and thought it would be a great look to try. Someone suggested that Mac Daydreaming and Beautiful Iris would do the job and so it did.


I used:
Mac Painterly Paint Pot as an eyeshadow base
Mac Daydreaming on the lid
Mac Beautiful Iris in the crease and slanted to the outer corner of the eyes.
Mac Smolder kohl liner on the water line
Maybeline Super Film Mascara
Étude House BB cream in beige
Clio art blush in peach


I apologize for the bad lighting. I will put up a better picture once I’ve gotten a good place and a good day to take pictures.

If you’d like to see reviews on any if the other products mentioned in this post, please feel free to let me know in the comment section.

Till next time. Take care


Urban Decay Theodora Palette.


I’ve finally set out to do this review and it took me forever to get all the images sorted, so thank you for your patience.

It took me longer than usual to get my hands on these beautiful palettes, because firstly: I only heard about them late and secondly: we don’t have Urban Decay cosmetics in Korea. So it’s August and I’ve only recently received then in the mail, even though they were released January already.

For reasons that will be clear at the end of this post, I’ve depotted all the shadows, so the pictures don’t show them exactly as you get them in the palette. I apologize for not taking the time to take pictures before I depotted them.

The palette is a sturdy metal case that holds 6 Urban Decay eyeshadows and a half size 24/7 glide in eye pencil. It also comes with a Super Saturated high gloss chubby pencil.


The cardboard box it comes in is beautifully decorated with the same image on the palette itself. In my opinion, way cooler than the Glinda palette. The box also has a holographic shine to it, which is really pretty and on the back of the box is a display of all the contents of the palette.

The palette is a sturdy metal, very similar to the naked palette 2. It reminds me of those metal
pencil boxes that we used to get in the 90s.

Inside the palette are 6 eye shadows (2 of which have two different colours in one pan), so technically there are 8 colours. The shadows can be removed, rearranged or even replaced by regular Urban Decay single eyshadows.

The first shadow is called: Broken


Broken is a light egg shell neutral. It looks matte in the pan, but it has quite a bit of Satin sheen once it’s applied. It’s good for a highlight or brow bone colour.

Colour pay off: great
Texture: buttery soft with sheen. No chunky glitter
Fall out: none

The second colour is called: Broken


Beware is a matte caramel brown neutral. Perfect for a highlighter or brow bone for darker skin tones. It’s also beautiful for a smokey eye or crease colour for lighter complexions.

Colour pay off: great
Texture: buttery smooth matte. No sheen whatsoever
Fallout: none

The last colour in the top row is called:


Bewitch is a taupe chocolate brown with tiny silver glitter. It’s really a satin sheen. It can’t really be called glitter. It’s similar to Mac Satin Taupe, but without the the pink undertones.

Colour pay off: great
Texture. Satin. Buttery soft application. No chunky monkey glitter.
Fall out: none

The 4th shadow is called: West


West is similar to Bewitch in texture, but it is a darker more rich chocolate brown with copper and red undertones in the glitter. It has a sheen and it would probably be best to describe it as a satin

Colour pay off: great
Texture: buttery soft satin with sheen. No chunky glitter
Fallout: none

The next colour is a duo colour. (2 different colours in one pan) and it is called: Spell


Spell is a lovely gold and black pair of shadows. The black is similar to Oil Slick in the Urban Decay permanent line. It’s got colourful/ rainbow glitter. The gold is a yellow gold similar to Mac’s Goldmine in colour, but it’s very metallic with large glitter flecks in gold. It’s similar to the famous UD glittery shadows.

Colour pay off: great for both colours
Texture: soft with lots of glitter
Fallout: yes, quite a bit.

The last eyeshadow in this pallet is called: Jealous ( and significantly so)


Jealous is the colour that attracted me the most to this palette. It’s a duo colour of greens that to me will be really hard to replace. They are just such different colours. The dark colour is a metallic bottle green. Perfect for hazel or brown eyes. The lighter colour is a light metallic apple green.

Colour pay off: for the dark green it’s great, but for the light green not as great, but not bad.
Texture: it’s frosty and with a metallic sheen. Very soft to the touch and with no chunky glitter
Fallout: none

The last item in the palette is a black 24/7 eye liner pencil in Zero. It’s said to be great for on the lid, on the lash line and in the water line. You can find this in the permanent 24/7 line, but it will be twice as long, as this one is just a half jack.


In a separate compartment in the box is a lovely little item that I am quite excited about. It’s a super saturated lip pencil chubby stick in Theodora. There is a Super Saturated Glide on Pencil line by Urban Decay, but this one is a limited edition.


It’s a lovely bright red, similar to Russian Red by Mac, but in a pearl sheen and very moisturizing, unlike the matte lippies by Mac. This is great for a snowy Christmas or winter season, as it won’t dry out your lips.

A few last thoughts on this palette: I adore all the items in the box and I think the casing is lovely, although I decided to depot my shadows and place them in a Mac Pro palette, because as a traveller, I need all the space I can get. I feel like the palette is too big, heavy and bulky, although it is very pretty. Here’s why: My Mac large duo pallete can contain 48 shadows without inserts and 30 with inserts and it is just are bit longer than the Theodora palette which only contains 6 colours. I am not hating the palettes, but I do like saving space, so I depotted mine.

I hope you found this post informative.

Till next time


Haley Williams Mac Make up.

Like with my Urban Decay haul, I had to wait, which feels like forever, for this parcel to arrive. This line was released in May. Every now and then, Mac collaborates with musicians to promote their make up. They usually have a few limited edition products that the musician chooses or that suits the style or image of the musician. I don’t know much about Haley Williams, besides that she kicks and screams when she can’t get vegan gummy bears when she wants, that she has orange hair and that she recently made make up with Mac.

I love orange products so I decided to get some of these, regardless of my ignorance of the musician.

I only ended up getting the eye shadow and the lipstick.

The eye shadow is called: Daydreaming.

It’s a veluxe pearl in coral. Very similar in shade to Mac’s Sushi Flower.

Here is Daydreaming on the left and Sushi Flower on the right.

Daydreaming has better colour pay off. Maybe because Sushi Flower is a Satin.

The lipstick is called: Sounds like noise
It is a matte coral/orange colour. It’s completely different from the colour of the eye shadow, but lovely none the less.

I would imagine that’s its similar to Morange, but I don’t have it so I can’t do comparative swatches.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I have an extra ‘sounds like noise’ lipstick if anyone is interested in arranging a trade. Its new in a box. There are many lipsticks on my wishlist so I certainly don’t need two.

Have good evening!


Étude House Ice Cream Nail Polish

I’ve read so many reviews on this lovely nail polish line, that I finally decided to pick some up at Étude House. They had a 1 + 1 sale \(^_^)/ so I ended up getting two for the price of one.

It’s a lovely light mauve pink with no metallic shine or glitter whatsoever, but it is glossy when it dries.

It’s extremely flattering in the summer on tanned hands and it can make those short stubs look very pretty. They also look great on the feet. This will also look beautiful on women with colour. Very contrasty.


Okay, so I don’t have model feet and I didn’t apply it like they do at Dream Nails 😉 but you get the point, right? I applied about 3 layers to get this look and this was about a week ago, so it’s not perfect anymore.

I will soon do a review on the banana shake yellow colour as well.

Have a great day

❤ Amanda

Étude House Dear Darling Tint in


Here is the long promised review on the lip tint that I got in a haul a while ago.

I got that as a freebie with a lipstick that I bought from them. Étude House is extremely gracious with freebies. I think even more so to foreigners. I always end up getting 10 sample creams or washes or bb creams, so my stash is rather large by now. I’m not complaining. I do however get extra excited when they throw in a full sized item. That just makes me happy. (^_^)

This lip tint comes in an adorable hard plastic container, with a light metallic pink princessy screw on top. It comes with a doe foot applicator and it not only smells like berry, but it has a taste too.


Their promotion obviously worked on me, because now I want them all and they come in a rather large range of colours and flavours. I’m going to have to update my post on the price of these, as I didn’t pay for it.

Here it is swatched on my wrist:


Here is what it looks like on my lips:


Until next time. Have a great week.