Étude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes in Mango Tango


I promised to write a blog about this about 3 weeks ago. I was so bad at keeping my blog updated lately. 😦

I was really exited about this product since I’ve seen so many reviews about it, but always had a long list of other things that I need when I pop by Etude House, that I never end up buying it.

Luckily I got spoilt on my birthday. My husband woke me up with my favourite coffee and said: ‘get dressed. We’re going to Etude House’. \(^_^)/.

We picked up a few things of which one was this lovely little shadow.
Étude House is a Korean brand well known for their cute packaging. When I saw that this comes in a little tin shaped in a cupcake, I just fell in love.


The eyeshadow comes in a dual shade. (2 colours in one pan). Peachy orange and Mango orange. They are baked eyeshadows, so they are similar to Mac’s mineralized eyeshadows. The colour pay off and longevity is best when applied over a wet primer like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Mac’s paint pot.

They come in 5 or 6 other awesome shades and there is a cream blush line too. If you are interested in getting your hands on these or other Étude House products, let me know and we could either do an exchange or I could put it on Amazon for you.

Until next time



4 thoughts on “Étude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes in Mango Tango

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  2. Such nice shades ! When the Sweet Recipe line came out last year, I was tempted to buy it but I thought the colors might be too sheer for me. Now I’m tempted to buy it again 😀

    On a side note, you have a wonderful husband 😉

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