Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette Review.


I was really excited about getting this product. A friend of mine heard that I really like pink and purple so she suggested that I get the Glinda palette. I am from South Africa and currently live in Korea and neither of these countries have Urban Decay. I was not even aware of the palettes before she told me about it, but I did hear a ton of rave reviews about Urban Decay and therefore thought that it would be worthwhile to hunt it down. I had to have it shipped to a friend in the States, who then shipped it on to me. It’s August, almost time for them to bring out new palettes, and I only just received them and they were released in January. I can say in all honesty, it was worth the wait.

Here it is:

ImageI did some photo merging, as I thought the post will be WAY too long with all the items and swatches…

The palette comes in a beautiful box, that has a holographic, shiny sheen to it. So, so pretty. At the back it has a colour display of all the products that will be in the box.

Upon opening the box, you will find a super saturated lip pencil in a separate compartment and a card that slides out with all the instructions on how to get Glinda’s look. You also get the palette off course. It’s a sturdy metal palette that contains 6 limited edition eye shadows and a half size 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Rockstar. (Which I think is a permanent colour in the 24/7 Glide On Pencil line.)

The palette is designed to contain any of the new or old Urban Decay singles. The new singles are reformulated and repackaged, so you can just pop your finger in the back and the eye shadow pan pops out and it can slot right into this palette. This palette is exactly like the new ‘build it yourself’ palette that came out recently, but this particular one is a limited edition.

The first shadow is called: Tornado


It’s a deep muted purple with a metalic, frosty sheen.

Colour pay off: Amazing. One swatch is enough over a primer

Texture: Buttery. No chunky glitter

Fall out: None

The next colour is called: Aura (It is a dual sided eye shadow. 2 colours in one pan)


I am glad that the ‘dualsidedness’ of this shadow is showing in my pictures. I have read so many blogs and I could not see it in many of the pictures that I saw.

The left side is blue with a purple duo chrome and the right side is pink with a coral/peach duo chrome. It’s a very soft satiny finish. Super beautiful. If you haven’t seen these in real life yet, please go visit a store swatch them. They are out of this world and so hard to explain in words.

Colour pay off: The blue side is amazing. The pink side is a little less, but it is great for wearing over another colour to add that duo chrome to it.

Texture: Silky, satiny and butter soft. No chunky glitter

Fall out: None

The last shadow in the top row is called: Magic (And significantly so. It is really a magical colour)

ImageThis has got to be one of my favourites of this palette, if not the favourite. It’s a soft Barbie pink with a gorgeous holographic duo chrome of coral/gold depending on the angle. It’s so hard to explain, but so lovely. If you buy this palette for this colour only, I would not discourage it. πŸ™‚

Colour pay off: Great on a wet primer, not as great dry with no primer, but still good.

Texture: Buttery soft with duo chrome and no chunky glitter

Fall out: None

The first colour in the bottom row is called: Illusion

ImageThis colour is an almost matte light peach neutral. It’s not completely matte though, as it does have a sheer to it. Almost like a mix of matte and satin. It would be great for a brow bone colour or highlight, for people with very light complexions. I love this colour, although I know I probably won’t use it a lot. This is my least favourite colour of this palette.

Colour pay off: Great

Texture: Buttery soft. Matte and shiny, but with no chunky glitter

Fallout: None

The next colour is called: Oz. (It’s another duo sided eye shadow. 2 colours in one pan)ImageThese colours are so glamorous and so perfect for a Christmas look or just for cosplay. I like wearing the silver on the inner corners of my eyes. I like the gold, but I am a bit spoilt, because the gold in the Theodora (Bad witch) palette is a little nicer πŸ˜‰

Colour pay off: For the silver it is amazing. I mean one swatch and it looks like you’ve spray painted your eye lids with silver. The gold is good, but needs a little more layering.

Texture: Soft, metalic with lots of silver glitter flecks.

Fallout: Yes, quite significantly so, but it’s not any different from the old Urban Decay shadows and it does suit a good witch, so one has to keep that in consideration.

The last shadow in this palette is called: South. (Because Glinda is from the South)


This colour is a taupe brown with medium sized flecks of colourful, rainbow like glitter. It’s perfect for a crease colour and can be used to make a nice but subtle smoky eye look. It’s shiny but not super metalic.

Colour pay off: Great

Texture: Frosty with small glitter flecks. Buttery soft to the touch

Falout: A little

The last eye product that came with this palette is the 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil called: RockstarImage

It comes in a deep smoked purple/almost black. It’s perfect for on the lid and on the waterline and perfect for that smoky eye or evening look. It might be a bit too harsh for some, but it’s beautiful none the less.

The last product in the box is a Super Saturated Lip Pencil in: Glinda


It’s very moisturising and quite long lasting. I doubt whether they’ll last as long as Mac lipsticks, but I am not disappointed. It is perfect for those very pale or light complexions. It’s almost the colour of my lips, but it makes it look plumper and shiny. I really like this. I could not have asked for a more perfect colour.

My overall feeling on the palette:

I love all the products more than ever, but I am not impressed with the packaging. It’s beautiful and I understand that it took a lot of work, but to me it is just too large, too bulky and too heavy. My Mac large Duo is only a little wider and it contains 48 eye shadows. I also feel that the palette will not make a make up artist look professional. It’s too kiddies Disney. I think I would have loved it if I were a teen, but I am now 26 and I travel a lot and this palette just takes up too much weight and space.

I also dislike that one has to waste so much plastic if one wants to put other Urban Decay singles in this palette. You cannot just buy it in pan form like with Mac. So you’ll be paying the full price for every single shadow, and you’d have to inevitably throw a bunch of plastic away. It’s not good for your budget and it’s even worse for the environment.

My worst dislike of the palette is the fact that even after all this, the pans don’t slot into the holes as well as they should and the close of the palette is not strong at all.

As I much as I adore the products, I ended up depotting the shadows completely and put them into my Mac palette. So now I am stuck with two gorgeous palettes which I’ll never use.

πŸ™‚ Sorry for all the ranting on. I have a YouTube video on this palette. I’m just still busy editing it, so I will post the link on this blog as soon as I am done.

Till next time

❀ Amanda


6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Oz Glinda Palette Review.

  1. So glad to see that you like the eyeshadows! =) Do up a look with this palette soon!

    I’m surprised that you don’t like the packaging though. I don’t have any problems with opening or shutting the lid, and I love bringing this when I travel. I don’t think that the Glinda palette looks unprofessional either – I mean, it’s UD. XD

    • Thanx Natzi. Yeah, I know. I’m a bit OCD. I want all my shadows in one place, organized from light to dark. I’m even sketchy about getting the book of shadows cause the pans are square. Silly I know.

      If you knob of anyone who want these empty palettes, please let me know and we can arrange something.

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