Étude House Ice Cream Nail Polish

I’ve read so many reviews on this lovely nail polish line, that I finally decided to pick some up at Étude House. They had a 1 + 1 sale \(^_^)/ so I ended up getting two for the price of one.

It’s a lovely light mauve pink with no metallic shine or glitter whatsoever, but it is glossy when it dries.

It’s extremely flattering in the summer on tanned hands and it can make those short stubs look very pretty. They also look great on the feet. This will also look beautiful on women with colour. Very contrasty.


Okay, so I don’t have model feet and I didn’t apply it like they do at Dream Nails 😉 but you get the point, right? I applied about 3 layers to get this look and this was about a week ago, so it’s not perfect anymore.

I will soon do a review on the banana shake yellow colour as well.

Have a great day

❤ Amanda


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