Haley Williams Mac Make up.

Like with my Urban Decay haul, I had to wait, which feels like forever, for this parcel to arrive. This line was released in May. Every now and then, Mac collaborates with musicians to promote their make up. They usually have a few limited edition products that the musician chooses or that suits the style or image of the musician. I don’t know much about Haley Williams, besides that she kicks and screams when she can’t get vegan gummy bears when she wants, that she has orange hair and that she recently made make up with Mac.

I love orange products so I decided to get some of these, regardless of my ignorance of the musician.

I only ended up getting the eye shadow and the lipstick.

The eye shadow is called: Daydreaming.

It’s a veluxe pearl in coral. Very similar in shade to Mac’s Sushi Flower.

Here is Daydreaming on the left and Sushi Flower on the right.

Daydreaming has better colour pay off. Maybe because Sushi Flower is a Satin.

The lipstick is called: Sounds like noise
It is a matte coral/orange colour. It’s completely different from the colour of the eye shadow, but lovely none the less.

I would imagine that’s its similar to Morange, but I don’t have it so I can’t do comparative swatches.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I have an extra ‘sounds like noise’ lipstick if anyone is interested in arranging a trade. Its new in a box. There are many lipsticks on my wishlist so I certainly don’t need two.

Have good evening!




16 thoughts on “Haley Williams Mac Make up.

    • Thanx Natz. It took some guts to post that pic so I’m glad you like it.

      I’m inlove with Daydreaming. I thought it would be more like ‘expensive pink’ but it’s just so different. Even while it looks the same as sushi flower in the pan, it looks different on the eye. I think they are available still online.

      • Wow. It’s great that they have customer service like that. I buy my stuff at the same Mac counter and I once wanted to exchange products that I bought from the states. They said no because it needs Korean labeling. I was pretty disappointed. I guess each country has its own policy. I just find that the service in states is a lot nice and the people are way more accommodative than here.

      • I also tend to make friends with the people at Ulta, so they are really nice to me. That is ridiculous they wouldn’t take it back because didn’t have Korean labeling on it! Is the Mac counter at like a Macy’s or something? You should have really complained.

      • It was a Mac counter in a department store. The problem is I’m not Korean and I don’t speak Korean so complaining won’t help. I’ve now got a stash of back ups, which I really could’ve just exchange if I was in Guam or the states.

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