Mac Lipblossum Lipstick.

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons 

I did two BACK TO MAC trades this last week. BACK TO MAC is a recycling system with MAC Cosmetics, which allows you to trade in 6 empty containers for a brand new item. It works out great for me, because I buy eyeshadows which I depot and put in my palette and then I always end up with the plastic containers. It doesn’t take me forever to collect 6 of them. In many countries you can choose just about anything from an eyeshadow to a lipstick to lipgloss. You name it. However, in Korea, you can only pick out a lipstick from a selection of about 15 different shades. It does handicap one a bit, but I was lucky to pic up 2 colours which I absolutely adore.

I have some MAC lipsticks, but none are wearable on daily basis. I got them for photo shoots for my modeling. So with this BACK TO MAC episode, I decided to get some more wearable colours.

The first colour I got is Lipblossum. It’s not a well known colour at all, because was an Asian only release, and only recently became a permanent internationally. Lipblossum is a lustre and as you can tell it’s a beautiful coral with a fine gold shimmer.  I was looking for Colour Me Coral, but this is the closest I could get. I am not disappointed at all. 

Here is the swatch: 

And this is what it looks like on:

Let me me know what you think. I’d take better images, but again I’m stuck with bad weather, bad lighting and an iPhone camera. I will add more as soon as I can.

Till next time.

Love Amanda


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