Travel Size your BB cream


If you’ve read some of my most recent posts, you’ll know that I’m working through a stash of samples from Etude House. They are very generous. Even if I buy the smallest item, I always end up with 5 or 6 samples.

I own a tube of Etude House BB cream, but I find it really heavy in my handbag along with my Mac large palette and my bottle of perfume and on Saturday, my large Bible; so I thought it would be a brilliant idea to just stash my samples in my make up bag. (Yes, I do my make up on the train. It’s not weird in Korea like it is in the West) This sounds good and well, but I didn’t take into consideration that the samples offer more than one day’s bb cream, so by the time I was done with my make up, I had an open sachet of bb cream which I sadly had to throw away in the end. I don’t like wasting stuff, so this morning I came up with a brilliant idea. I wear contacts on a daily basis, and like Etude House likes giving away samples, so the optometrists like giving away contact lens containers. I figure they might come in use. So I sorted out the samples into the two shades that I wear, and squeezed the contents into the containers. None of the make up samples will go to waste now and I won’t have a broken back from carrying heavy stuff around every day.

It’s a win win \(^_^)/

Have a lovely Monday!

❤ Amanda Adele


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