Etude House I Can Fly Callogen Gel Eye Patch

I’ve been struggling with puffy eyes for the longest time. I have thyroid issues and a sleeping bug that is prevalent in Africa. I also sleep on my stomach or side and according to what I’ve read, this also adds to the problem, thanks to gravity. The skin under ones eyes is very thin, so if you like salty or savory dishes for dinner, this adds to the problem. If you’re someone who cries easily, this adds to the problem as well. Puffy eyes and dark circles also go hand in hand.

I’ve tried everything to solve this issue. Ice burns my skin. Cucumbers don’t seem to help much. I’ve used under eye rollers, but that just made it worse.

Here is what the product looks like:


The opened product:


It’s a plastic container, containing two jelly like patches with film on each side.

Instructions: remove clear film from patches and fasten sides to the areas beneath the eyes. Remove patches after 30 minutes.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep our of reach if children. Discontinue use if signs of irritation and/ or rash appear.

My before picture: (scary I know)


My during picture:


And my after picture:


My eyes don’t look better too me. I don’t know if I should give it time to let the Callogen do it’s thing.

I’m hoping it will be the solution to my puffy eyes problems.

Will see what happens and keep you up to date.

Till next time




3 thoughts on “Etude House I Can Fly Callogen Gel Eye Patch

  1. I know some brands have coolant eye creams. They normally have caffeine in them and a metal tip. They are suppose to do wonders for puffy eyes. I sleep too much to get puffy eyes, so I haven’t tried them. However, if you do find one, keep it in the fridge it will help to cool down your eyes a lot!

    • I actually sleep a lot too, but I sleep on my stomach, which makes puffy eyes worse. But, I think I may have been allergic to my previous facial soap. Just started using clinique and my puffy eyes are gone. I hope this is the answer to all my stuggles 🙂

      • Yea that’s really hard to figure out what make up you are or are not allergic to. A lot of people have a problem with fragrances in their facial soap. Unscented soap is normally the best for those with sensitive skin.

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