Homemade Banana Hair Mask



One ripe banana blended really well in a blender. (Don’t be impatient. It has to be mushy. If there are any pieces, these will be stuck in your hair for days. So blend away for at least 5 minutes)

The product:


Apply the product to your hair starting at the scalp and working your way down to the tips. Massage the scalp a bit while applying product. Then apply a towel or shower cap to the hair and leave the product in for 15-20 minutes. Then shampoo and condition as usual.

I did this yesterday and my hair feels silky soft and healthy . The potassium is good for the scalp. It stimulates growth and it also moisturizes the hair to prevent breakage.

Try it. It’s cheap and easy. And remember the riper the banana, the better.




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