Urban Decay Moonspoon & Desperation look

I recently received a sample from Urban Decay along with my two Oz palettes. It’s a sample of one of their new shades from the Moondust line. They sent me Moonspoon. It’s a taupey, glittery shade. With that I also got a sample of Desperation. It’s one of the shades that was in one or more of their recent palettes and people have requested that they make it a permanent shade, so they did πŸ™‚
I also got a tiny sample of their Primer Potion. I’ve read rave reviews on these products, so I thought it would be great to do a look using all of them.

Here is what the sample card looks like:


It’s just marketing baby πŸ™‚
At the back they have some other shades that came out.
Moondust: (all with lots of glitter)
Space Cowboy (caramel brown)
*Moonspoon ( taupe)
Diamond Dog (chocolate brown)
Intergalactic (deel purple)
Glitter Rock (pink)
Zodiac ( olive green)
Stargazer (yellow)

The three new shades released in the permanent collection are:
Easy baked (dark nude)
*Desperation (taupe)
Laced (light nude)

The asterix indicates the colours that I got:


I put the Primer Potion on my eyelids using only my finger. It’s a wet, creamy primer. Much more wet and creamy than Mac’s Paintpot.
I then applied Moonspoon to balls of my eyelids and then applied Desperation to the crease and blended it out with a fluffy shadow brush.

I also applied liner, mascara and under eye concealer and filled in my brows. On my lips I have Mac’s Lovelorn.

My eyes are normally very light sky blue. These shadows made my eyes look grey with green undertones. I love how the shadows altered the colour of my eyes. Usually stormy days or teary days do that. I’ve never seen eye shadows effect my eye colour that much and I really like it.

Would I purchase these? Yes, I will. I don’t mind the glittery fallout caused by Moonspoon, so I’d definitely get me some. The primer kept the shadow on allll day without creasing or fading. I am super impressed.

I hope you like this post. My eyes are blue again πŸ™‚ ever since I washes this look off.

Have a great week!


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