Mac’s Amber Lights and Daydreaming Combo

I realize I’ve been really bad with blogging lately. I scratched my nose while I was sleeping the other day and have gross red scabs all over it, so I didn’t feel up to it to have my picture taken for my blog; but thankfully today I look a little better.

I have quite a few shadows, but I always grab the ones I’ve had the longest and decided today that I need to come up with some new combos.

So here it is: Mac’s Amber Lights (an antique golden shade in Frost, and Daydreaming a coral, pink shade in Veluxe Pearl. (This was the Paramore shade. It’s a limited edition, but I’m sure it’s still available online)


I apologies for I am not wearing anything put eye makeup and some concealer, but here it is.


I like the way it brought out my blue eyes. 🙂

If you have any suggestions of combos I can do, please let me know in the comment section.

❤ keep calm. Tomorrow's Friday.


5 thoughts on “Mac’s Amber Lights and Daydreaming Combo

  1. Amber Lights is a favourite shadow of mine (though I don’t own it =( ) and it looks lovely paired with Daydreaming. I used to pair it with a darker brown like Mulch, which only emphasized it’s golden goodness.

    • @Natzi. Thanx dear. I have a few browns that I got Urban Decay’s Oz palettes. I haven’t used them much yet. I’m so fair. It always looks overpowering. I should try using it with amber light. It also makes the tiny gold flecks in my eyes pop, which I really like 🙂 will post as soon as I have a successful look. X

      • Hello! The Mall of Asia is one of my fave shopping places! I hope you had a great time here!

        No, high end brands tend to be more expensive here in the Philippines due to taxes and exchange rate differences. 😦

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