Korea Spring Clinique Glossybox

I’ve always wanted to get a subscription box, but I always felt like they were too expensive and I’m not a fan of surprises. I’m also not a fan of trying brands of makeup that I’ve never heard of before. I have however been keeping my eyes on the Korea Glossybox site, to see if there’s anything I would be interested in. I saw this Clinique box in spring, but didn’t want to spend $27 on it, so I gave it a pass, but then I noticed them on sale this month for only $10, so I decided to get one. I am in ecstasy that I did.

Here is what it looks like:


It’s a very sturdy little box. I’ve heard other bloggers say they use it to organize their makeup. I will be putting my lipsticks in this one.

Inside you get 5 Clinique minis and a little makeup pouch with the Glossybox emblems on them.


Here are the items.
1. X2 Clinique anti-blemish solutions clarifying lotion. (It’s really a toner)


2.) Clinique anti-blemish solutions cleansing bar for face and body. 15g/ 5oz


3.) Clinique turnaround concentrate extra radiance renewer.


4.) Clinique anti-blemish solutions clearing moisturizer.


5.) Glossybox makeup pouch.


There it is guys. I’ll be trying the toner and one of the lotions today. I’m saving the soap for later because I have a Clinique soap already. I think I might actually buy another box just because it’s value for money and I was going to spend money on Clinique this month anyway.

I will keep you all updated on how the products are, but knowing Clinique and their 5 star reputation, I’m sure these will be very good.

Till next time. Have a lovely weekend!

Xox Amanda


2 thoughts on “Korea Spring Clinique Glossybox

    • I know right? I used to love a range by Garnier. Now those products look average Joe, because I’ve recently started using clinique. As the Spanish say: no hay igual. Nothing compares. There is none equal. 🙂

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