Sanitizing your eye shadows

Some may ask: “is it really necessary?”

Why yes, it is. Here’s why:

Most of my eyeshadows from Mac and Urban Decay are depotted and stashed into a magnetic palette. (Mac Pro large duo). Yesterday I decided to replace the magnets at the back of my Mac shadows, because in time they lose their magnetic strength and if you don’t have inserts in your palette, they can start falling around. This is a very lengthy project and requires a lot of work with the hands. I ended up touching my shadows a lot. It’s inevitable really. The problem is, hands have germs. Even the cleanest hands. And germs spread. And if you touch things that will be used on the eyes, those germs could go into the eyes and cause an infection.

Well, I woke up this morning with very sore eyes. Needless to say why…

So I went straight to the chemist and got a small bottle of rubbing alcohol.


All you do is add 2-3 drops of the alcohol into the each eye shadow and leave it overnight to evaporate. Do this at least once every 3 months.

Some extra tips:

• don’t apply shadows with your fingers. It’s unhygienic and it’s a serious waste of product.

• don’t lend your shadows to your friends.

• don’t try testers in a shop. Think about it. Hundreds of people have put their fingers into it. It’s gross.

• keep your brushes clean. Yes, over time they can start harbouring germs which is why you should wash them at least once a week.

I hope this was helpful.

🙂 sore eyes dot com


2 thoughts on “Sanitizing your eye shadows

  1. Disinfecting makeup is important, when I tell people I disinfect mine, I get weird looks! What I do to disinfect is get a spray bottle and transfer some alcohol into it and spray it onto my eyeshadows, powders and even lipsticks at least once a month.

    • That sounds like an even better idea. I have a lot of issues with my eyes because I wear contacts and they say light blue eyes are the most sensitive. I have to even check the ingredients of make up because I might get a rash. Keep being cleanly. It’s your stuff and in the end you have to deal with the germs. Let others think what they want 😉

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