Mac Riri Woo. Are you caught in the hype?

I got some spending money on Friday and I was strongly considering purchasing Riri Woo by Mac.

The singer Rihanna has recently collaborated with Mac again and brought out a bunch of lovely products all packaged in a rose gold coloured packaging with her signature on it. Her famous red lipstick, Riri Woo, has been brought out again along with 3 other lipsticks and a bunch of other products like eyeshadow quads, lip glossed, blushes.. You get the idea.

I almost fell into the hype and got the Riri Woo lipstick, but luckily I asked the consultant to swatch Russian Red, Ruby Woo and Riri Woo next to each other. I already own Russian Red and I can honestly say THEY ARE TOO SIMILAR and I mean all three of them. They are all very similar shades of red in a matte finish. Riri Woo and Ruby Woo are identical looking. Riri Woo feels a teeny tiny bit more creamy when applying but they LOOK exactly the same. Russian red is ever so slightly darker in colour, but also very similar.

My point is this. I only have 6 Mac lipsticks and my wishlist is very long. It would be a shame to spend w27 (about $25) on just another classic red when I already have one. Yes, they’re only $16 in the States, but even then, I don’t see the sense in owning two, let alone all three of these.

Here’s a swatch image I got off the net:


Okay, so I won’t be sad if I got it as a gift, but there are many pinks, oranges and purples I’d much rather want to invest in.

What’s your take?
Do you want them all?
Do you have them all?
Is it worth it?


7 thoughts on “Mac Riri Woo. Are you caught in the hype?

  1. And that is exactly the reason why i don’t by MAC products here in Germany. It’s way overpriced in the end. Somehow i have not fallen for the MAC hype in general…am i weird?! 😛

    • You are so right. I mean I love mac, but I’m nit going to be like so many others who HAS to have EVERYTHING they bring out. Let’s be realistic. No one needs that much make up and stuff. It expires within 3 years. Why waste the money if you’re not going to wear it

      • Right. I don’t think i have an obsession with any particular brand, coz it shouldn’t be about a name, but about the actual product. There are certain items i would def splurge, but it doesn’t mean i need the rest of the line.

      • I totally agree with. I know too many people who will walk into Mac and max a credit card on items they’ve never heard of before, simply because it looks good. Am I the only one who spends hours on the net reading reviews and making lists. I’m well read on Mac because I refuse to spend that much on something I will end up not using

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