My pet peeves on YouTube.

Okay, so this morning was just the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Call me a cattish person, but I really can’t stand ‘fake’ beauty:

I was browsing through YouTube and there’s this one girl that I subscribed to long ago that really gets on my nerves lately. She says: “do you want to know how to get THIS hair.” While striking a ‘I’m hot and I know it pose’ and then she rips out a 24 piece hair extension kit. I mean REALLY!?

1.) Beauty isn’t fake hair, fake lashes, fake boobs, colour contacts and certainly not cake face foundation.

Maybe if you laid off on the hair dye years ago, you wouldn’t need the extensions now. Just a thought…

It seems to be the new YouTube bloggers trend to be as fake as possible, to cover up every inch of your face and make yourself look unrecognizable even to your dogs. Make up is supposed to enhance the beauty that you already have, not cover up you whole face.
If you scare your husband after you wash your makeup off, you’re doing it wrong. Halloween comes once a year.

I’ve tried the fake lashes for a model shoot and it gave me red, itchy eyes. Why would I want to wear them at all, never mind every single day.

I live in Asia and I can honestly say colour contacts make you look demon possessed and nothing else.

2.) And there’s this signature greet: “Hey gorgeous.” My husband calls me that and NO ONE else. So it doesn’t earn you browny points.

3.) don’t ask me to like or subscribe. If I like it, I’ll subscribe. If I don’t, I won’t. It’s called freedom of choice. Am I wrong?


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