Glossybox Korea Marie Claire Holiday Box

This is not a monthly subscription box. Instead it’s a special box filled with 6 full sized items, instead of 5 samples. The price is also the reason for everything being full sized. Instead of the ₩20,000 normal monthly price, this one was ₩99,000. Roughly equivalent to $100. If you click on the site ( ), they don’t usually give you such a great preview of what you’re going to get, but this time I knew exactly what I was getting, which is probably why I bothered getting it.

Here is what it looks like: isn’t the box and the ribbon just adorable?


When you open the box, all the items are wrapped in a sheet of paper with Christmas designs on them, along with the Glossybox logo.


As if that isn’t cute enough, all the items are protected with pink paper shreds, and for an added cuteness, they added potpourri and a plastic rose. Everything’s smells lovely too.


What I got:

Amore Pacific Perfection Bloom. Natural Finish Foundation in 102
List Price: ₩90,000
O.P.I. NL H 08 I’m Not Really A Waitress. (Blood metallic red)
List Price: ₩22,000
List Price: ₩15,000
Clinique lash power mascara in black onyx
List Price: ₩34,000
RMK Irresistible Lips in C19 Shiny Deep Red (magenta)
List Price: ₩39,000
I could choose my colour. There were about 18 different colours to choose from.
Caudelíe Devine Oil. Enhancing dry oil for body, face and hair.
List Price: ₩79,000

If you add up the value of the box, you will find that it way exceeds the price I paid for the box.
It’s ₩99,000 versus ₩279,000

I’d say this was a definite bargain box. I shall be writing reviews soon, but I’m sick so please bear with me. I will also be doing a vlog, so I’ll post the link soon.

Till next time.

xox Amanda


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