Disney Frozen themed Nails.

Disney Frozen.jpg

I don’t know how it is where you are, but here in Korea the movie Frozen is pretty much the top thing on every child’s lips. You walk past a convenient store and you hear ‘Let it go’ sung in different languages, blaring out of the speakers. The little girls are all singing songs from it. I’ve never seen such a Disney craze since the Lion King. I’m 26 years old and I’m strongly considering dying my hair red with one white streak. Yes, I love the movie too. 🙂

Etude house is currently having a 1+1 sale. That means you get 2 items for the price of one. I’ve purchased quite a few bottles of nail polish for $1 and $1,50 each, all with the idea of making Frozen themed nails.

For today’s look I used Etude House play #83 (Sky blue). I applied 2 layers, then I applied Etude House play #144 (red, purple, blue and gold glitter shaped in dots, squares and hexagons) I applied 2-3 layers depending on how much glitter I got to grab with the brush.

I’m not sure if this should be snow themed or mermaid themed, but I feel like it could swing either way.

I have a few more Frozen themes in mind for the future. I hope you liked this one.



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