Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I have a rather extensive wishlist of things that I want from Etude House. This last month’s spending makes me feel like I’ve made some progress, especially since I finally got my hands on the lipsticks that are always sold out when I’m ready to pick them up.


These retail for w9000 each. (Roughly $9) but I got them for w5000 because Etude house had a 30% sale and I got more off since I have VIP status on my point card.

Here they are: 


PK 015, OR 202 and the infamous OR 205:

Etude House is famous for making every part of their packaging look really cute. As you can see in the previous picture, the lipsticks are engraved with a heart and a crown.
The tubes look like pillars in a fairy tale castle and it has a detachable pink ribbon ring.

The boxes are adorned with hearts and cute princessy logos. They really go all out on making these look and feel feminine:

Here are swatches: PK 015


OR 202:





PK 015 is by far my favourite Etude House lipstick so far and I have 6. It’s the perfect matte fuchsia. It could be drying as most mattes are, but you won’t easily find a colour dupe and the staying power is really good for the price.

OR 202 and OR 205 are lustre slash amplified finishes. I love them too and they are very moisturizing. I tried putting balm on my lips before applying them and the colour wouldn’t stick to my lips. It doesn’t need balm before hand, because it’s so soft and creamy.

The pink lipsticks in this range smell like pink Turkish delights, a sweet rosy scent and the orange lipsticks smell like oranges. It’s not an overwhelming smell at all, but very pleasant indeed. I don’t know what the beige and red lipsticks in this range smell like. I would have to purchase a few and keep you updated.

I tried to take images of the products on my lips but it’s night time here and the lighting is just not good at all so I’ll post them first thing in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a lovely weekend



10 thoughts on “Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk

  1. I would totally expand my adventures in Etude House stuff to their lipsticks if they were available here. Maybe I can convince the store where I get the Play Nail polishes to move into these as well? 😛

  2. i love this lipstick! but i don’t think my lips will be ok with that 😦
    when i apply it into my lips, my lips started become really dry and just like it got irritation so i stop using this product..
    is this really make your lips dry just like mine when you apply it?? i love etude house lipstick product and really want to use it but because of that incident, i’m worried using it 😦

    • I use it a lot. I think the matte ones could be drying just like all matte lipsticks really, but I treat my lips to Nivea lip butter instead if balm so I hardly ever have dry lips. I think in your case you might just be allergic to something in it. It’s sad because they really are great products. 😦

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