Mac Maleficent


Mac has decided to bring out a makeup collaboration along with Disney’s Maleficent movie that also releases this month. When Christine from Temptalia made this announcement in Dec, I was really excited. I was determined to save in order to buy the whole collection. Then a sneak peak of the collection came out and I realized that I wasn’t even interested in one thing! Oh, well. More money for my budget.

Here are the products:

An eyeshadow quad. ($44,00)

(How is this devious and witch related in any way?)


The colours are all permanent. (Really Mac? Because you couldn’t come up with some awesome new blacks and purples)
Goldmine p
Ground Brown p
Concrete p
Carbon p

Lipstick and gloss and lipliner:
(I was expecting deep purple or black lippie here)


Pro long wear Lip Gloss: Anthurium ($22,00)
Lipstick: True Love’s Kiss ($17,50)
Pro long wear Lip Liner: Kiss Me Quick ($21,50)

Nail Lacquer:


Creme nail polish with slight shimmer ($17,50)
Nocturnelle (Black)
Flaming Rose (Red)
Uninvited (Nude)

Fake Lashes:


30 Lash (single lashes) p ($17,50)
36 Lash (2 full lashes) p ($17,50)

Maleficent Sculpting Powder:


Sculpt ($23,00)
Already sold out on the Mac website

Maleficent Beauty Powder:


Natural ($30,00)

Maleficent Penultimate Eyeliner


Rapidblack ($21,50)

Maleficent Eyebrows:


Fling ($17,50)

Maleficent Prep and Prime Highlighter


Bright Forecast ($25,00)

I don’t want to be a buzz killer, but I’m just not very overwhelmed by this collection. Quite disappointed on the contrary.

Here’s a hideous picture of the lovely Angelina Pitt.

What do think of all the hoo ha? Do you feel it or would you rather pass?


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