Etude House Real vs Fake false claims

Ladies and Jellyspoons


If you’ve considered buying Etude House lipsticks, but you are afraid of counterfeits, please watch this video. The claims of so called fake Etude House lipsticks that you’ll find on the net is absolute rubbish. I have disproved them over and over again.

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10 thoughts on “Etude House Real vs Fake false claims

  1. You can tell a counterfeit lipstick from Etude House by looking at the tube. If you twist up all the product and the tube is clear, it’s real. If it’s white, then it’s a counterfeit!

      • So lucky! I wish Etude House would open some shops in New York so that I wouldn’t have to play cosmetics Russian roulette. LOL
        I’ve gotten 2 counterfeits from Ebay but I also got 4 real ones so I guess percentage wise it’s all good!

      • That’s so true! Whenever I visit my relatives in the Philippines I love how cheap I can get cosmetics, but then I’ll see Forever 21 clothes costing the equivalent of $30-$40. It’s ridiculous!

      • Yip. That’s how it is! It’s really suck. Korea is the worst in Asia, I’m sure. Imagine that a a Benefit blush with is normally 28 bucks, goes for 42 here. I mean WHAT?! Lol.

      • Yip. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I by pass them. There were newspaper articles about how Korea is abusing the rich status. Everyone wants to look rich so they willfully pay. In my country, Polo bags aren’t considered high end at all. You can get one for under 150bucks. Here they go for 400 plus because people think they are high end and don’t know any better.

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