Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color


Good Morning Ladies and Jellyspoons

I have finally gotten my hands on the Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color. It’s a mouthful alright πŸ™‚

I did a blog quite some time ago about the Sweet Recipe Cupcake Eyes. Here it is.

Today I will be reviewing the Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color:




Both of these lines have the products contained within a tin can that looks like a cupcake. There is another line with 5 eye shadows that are also contained within cupcakes, called ‘Sweet Eyes’. I am hoping to get my hands on all 15 of the products in the near future.

Raspberry Mouse Cake RD301:



Orange Choux Cake OR 201:



I am in love with the packaging of these products, if you can’t tell already. They are small and cute and retro and definitely something I will be placing on my dresser for a long time. These All Over Colors are supposed to be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks. I have however found that they only work well on the cheeks as cream blushers. On the eyes I found that the product is too sticky and to sheer in color pay off. As a lips product I have found them to be drying and if you have any dry patches or creases, they will be emphasized. So with with regards to its claims of being a diverse product, I’d have to say I’m a little disappointed. I must say though that I am very impressed with these as blushers. The colour pay of is good. You can make it bold or sheer according to your preference and its staying power is decent.

The product is not like the promotional image makes it out to be. It’s not a mouse substance but rather a gel like balm. I am happy with them since I don’t want them to be runny and risk having my purse or makeup bag ruined. Like most Etude Products, these come with individual fruity scents to match the name. It’s not overwhelming. Just pleasing enough.

I would give this product 4 stars since it does not do everything it claims. Other than that I am satisfied with these and I’ll definitely look not getting the rest of the line, even if it’s just for the packaging.

Here’s a YouTube review of these products. If you’re following my blog, please subscribe to my channel.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

Have a lovely new week.




9 thoughts on “Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color

    • Awe, they are just so cute. I’m restraining myself from spending all my makeup budget on cupcakes this month. I’m disappointed that one line is already sold out and discontinued. (>o<) (the cupcake eyes)

  1. I swear, Etude House always gets me with their cute packaging! Definitely one of the major reasons why I keep buying this brand. πŸ˜›

    How is the staying power of the products as used as a blush? Do you have to keep reapplying, or is one application good for the rest of the day?

    • I don’t think it’s as good as say Mac or Benefit, but it lasted a good 3 hours on me. I’d say for work day reapplication is necessary, but not if you’re out partying for the night. They are fairly decent.

      • Thank you for such a quick reply! I’m a bit disappointed with the wear time, but it looks small enough to keep in my medicine bag. Definetly considering buying this the next time I’m in Asia. xx

  2. Oh that packaging really looks cute & adorable. They def know how to make the product talk to the customers πŸ™‚ I need to check this brand out, haven’t tried anything yet. But i’m totally in to korean brands right now. Loving Skin Food & Skin79. Next stop – their lip & cheek products. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for reminding me of that.

    • I’ve heard only good things of Skin79. It’s supposed to make the best BBcream in the world. I should definitely get my hands on some. Yeah, Etude House kills my budget every month. They just came out with Disney princess themed makeup. I mean hello. I’m obsessed with Disney. So there goes my money once again.

  3. I love these blushes ❀ I have them in Peach Sugar Cake and Strawberry Chiffon Cake and I totally agree with you : they're great on the cheeks but somehow greasy on the eyelids and pretty drying on the lips. And the texture was a big disappointment for me (was expecting a frosting type of cream, like on the promo pic). But they're way too cute to be ignored ;p

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