Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review

Okay Ladies and Jellyspoons

So I know I need to get with the times. The hype about this palette is long over. Well, it’s not for me. I ordered it when it first came out, but because I don’t live in the USA, I’ve had to order it to a friend. Soon, the palette was forgotten and we both only remembered it once I wanted to ship another order to her.

Well, the wait is over. I have my palette in my hands and I’m in ecstasy.

Here it is:


Can we just take a moment of silence… The packaging is PURPLE!!! Those of you who know me, know that I Love purple and that I’m a real sucker for cute packaging. They definitely knew how to catch me on this one. Can we also just observe the 3 dimensional diamond shaped lettering on the top. I mean HELLO! Which girl doesn’t like bling?

Okay. Hold your breath, guys. Here come the good stuff:


I don’t feel like these eye shadows are arranged in any particular order, though it does feel like the bottom row are the neutrals, or at least most of them.

I have swatched them row by row so here goes:


Starting from the top from left to right:
SMOKEOUT: is a charcoal dark brown/ almost black with a small amount of silver floating glitter. It also has a deep red sheen to it.

LOVESICK: is a true charcoal black with chunky silver floating glitter. ( I would’ve called it starry night because that’s what it reminds me of)

SHELLSHOCK: is a vivid metallic silver. It reminds me a lot of Oz in the Glinda palette, without the glitter.

COAX: is a metallic pastel pink. This is by far one that I’m most excited about.

X-RATED: is a matte pastel pink and very similar to Magic in the Glinda palette. (Without the duo chrome)

Over all good colour pay off. Lovesick can be a bit chalky, but an extra layer or too will sort you out I’m no time.

Row 2:


PRANK: is a dark blue/ turquoise duo chrome frost with tiny micro glitter particles.

MADNESS: is a cobalt blue veluxe pearl finish with tiny silver micro glitter.

STRIKE: is a true metallic gold with tiny silver micro glitter. (Definitely not as Chuncky as Oz from the Glinda palette and hopefully less fallout)

STASH: is a metallic mossy green with gold undertones in a frosty finish.

POISON: is. Very deep navy blue with tiny oil sheen micro glitter/ rainbow micro glitter.

Over all good colour pay off. STASH is particularly pigmented.

Row 3:


RADAR: is. Metallic bronze with tiny gold micro glitter.

DAMAGED: is a frosty metallic Christmas/ bottle green.

VOODOO: is a frosty red toned deep purple.

BETRAYAL: is a blue/ purple duo chromed metallic purple.

DERAILED: is a vivid metallic taupe.

I was extra excited for the purples in this row. They are lovely. The colour pay off is, again, over all good, but Derailed is out if this world. One swipe and bam!

Row 4:


DOPE: is an eggshell satin. Great for brow bone or blending colour.

TOXIC: is a frosty champagne peachy pink. This might just be my favourite in this palette.

HABIT: is an eggshell matte. Very similar to Broken from the Theodora palette. Another great brow bone colour for pale girls.

AMBUSH: is a metallic chocolate brown. Great for blue eyes.

REWIND: is a cocoa brown matte. Perfect brow colour for dark blondes or light Brunettes.

I’m am in love with Toxic and I’m pleased with the amount of neutral mattes in this row. Over all good colour pay off.

The palette also came with a dual ended Shadow and Blending brush. I am yet to try it on my lids. As for swarching, it didn’t work very well.

I am very happy with the over all great quality and colour pay off of this palette. We all know Urban Decay to be amazing, but I’ve only been exposed to the Oz palettes and they are not the best examples of UD quality. I do feel like I haven’t been exposed to what UD is capable of and now I want to go out and buy all the Naked palettes. BUT I will have to slow down on shadows from now on. I might have a little addiction going on.

Until next time. I will be trying out looks and posting them on here. Please let me know if you’ve got your hands on one and how you feel about it.

Happy hump day.



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