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Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream


Ladies and Gentlebeasts

Those of you who’ve read my blog a lot know that I’ve been on a bit of an Etude House rut. I got bored oneday and started watching videos on YouTube about B.B creams. I saw so many rave reviews about his Missha B.B cream that I figured: I live in Korea. I might as well utilize that fact and start exploring brands other than Etude House. It was hard for me to do so without feeling like a bit of a traitor, but here goes:

I picked up number 21. Actually the lady at the Missha counter just picked it out for me, and as far as I know, it’s the lightest shade in the range. No surprise at all 🙂

On the iridescent red tube they printed the following: SPF 42/ PA +++

“Missha Perfect Cover B.B cream offers a novel skin are concept with B.B cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkled and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties.”

All the usual redundant blah blah 😉 firstly I doubt whether anything can make me any lighter since I’m already Snow-White-before-her-resurrecting-kiss-white. (Yes, corpse white is the colour.) I think the SPF 42 is cute. 🙂 because we all know once SPF is more than 30 it’s really just for marketing. They threw in an extra 2 after the big 40. Love it!

Here’s what it looks like firstly:


As you can see it has quite a grey colour to it. Most Korean B.B creams are, but they oxidize and adapt to the colour of ones skin.

Here’s a semi blended out swatch:


I can tell you, the rave about this product is all worth it. I don’t have a single complaint about this product. The coverage is good. It makes my skin look flawless. (Besides the bug bite on my forehead, but we can’t expect miracles) I have to say though: if you’re someone with large acne scars or stretched pores, you’ll need to conceal a bit before using this. It’s definitely not a full coverage kind of foundation. It’s actually more like a great tinted moisturizer with healing properties and sun screen. If you’re someone who is into light coverage, then this is definitely something I would recommend.


I don’t always come on to WordPress, but when I do eye brows. I know they’re way too much, but I didn’t want to do my whole face again and I wanted to experiment with a different colour for the brows.

Have a great weekend, lovelies.

I’m going to do a battle of the B.B creams soon, so if you have any particular one that you’d like to see reviewed (granted that it’s Korean) please let me know.




Etude House Any Cushion Foundation


Ladies and Jellyspoons

Those of you have followed my blog know that I’ve recently done a post on the Etude House Minnie XOXO collection. Today I will be doing an in depth review of the Minnie Xoxo Cushion Foundation. The Minnie Mouse packaging is limited edition, although the product itself is permanent, so don’t despair.

First off, let me tell you what it is: Any Cushion foundation is a big craze in Korea right now. Every brand is coming out with their own version of it. It’s a compact that contains a sponge filled with liquid foundation, that is then dabbed onto the skin with a cushion puffer. It’s supposed to be worn or applied, anywhere by anyone , at any time. (Since Korean men wear foundation, I completely understand where they are coming from with ‘anyone’.) Although the product is called a ‘foundation’, I’d feel safer calling it a BB cream.

Here is what it looks like:


It comes with a mirror, which I find very handy, since I can put makeup on in the bus or train. (Believe it or not, in Korea that’s considered normal).
The cushion puffer can be replaced for a small amount, but it also washes easily with a brush cleanser. The product itself can also be replaced, without having to buy a whole new compact. The refill comes with a new cushion puffer as well.

They retail for $18
The refill retails for $10
and the puffer retails for $1


The product, although it’s a liquid, will not leak out, thanks to the sponge and the air tight container within the compact, which means it can be carried around in expensive handbags without the risk of getting the bag ruined. When the sponge seems to become dry or the products seems to have run out, you can remove the sponge, flip it over and still find a considerable amount of product hiding on the bottom part of the sponge.

The product itself is light weight and thin in consistency, which is why I’d call it a BB cream instead of a foundation. It gives medium to good coverage, as do all good BB creams. I do find that a good concealer is necessary for those panda eyes of mine, before applying the product. It is however no indication of the product being bad quality. Even the most high end and pricy foundations don’t do the trick for my under eyes, so I’m still as impressed as ever.


Here is the end result. As you can see, the mole next to my nose isn’t concealed, but the redness next to my nose is covered and my light freckles are covered. It doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup in this picture and that’s just the way I like it. BB creams make your face look like your skin, but better. If you’re someone who prefers heavier foundations then this might not be the one for you.

There are two shades. No2 and w13. I’m wearing w13 which is the lighter shade and it’s more cool toned. It’s crazy that they only came out with two shades, but it does adjust to ones skintone, granted that you’re Caucasian or light skinned. I’m afraid most Korean brands don’t cater for women of colour at all. 😦

Here are some other options with this product. Every year they come out with another Disney colab. This year they came out with two adorable Cinderella cases of which I picked up one:


Aside from the adorable cases, they also on occasion bring out protective pouches for these compacts made of silicone and this one looks like macaron:


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post. I’m sorry that it’s so long.

Have a lovely day! Tomorrow is hump day. Almost there \(^_^)/



Etude House Minnie Xoxo Collection


Ladies and Jellyspoons

I’ve been meaning to do this review for 6 months now, but I was hoping to get my hands on the items missing from the collection and then I got struck with ill health for which feels like a lifetime. I am however feeling better today and I’ve decided to write this review, whilst sipping Rooibos tea and listening to The Carpenters. (You can probably tell why I’m feeling better)

I’m going to start off by reviewing the nail polishes:


I started off with #1 as the base colour (Red) in two coats and #4 as the top coat (white and pink ribbons and white and pink polka dots)


Next I used #2 (pink) as the base colour in two coats and #5 (silver ribbons with pink, white and silver)



Then I again used the #1 red base coat but this time with #6 (black Micky Mouse silhouettes with pink white and black dots) on top.


Lastly I used the pink base coat (#2) but this time with #3 (white Micky Mouse silhouettes with pink and white dots and metallic pink lines)


Now onto the face products. I got the Minnie xoxo Any Cushion Foundation:



Any cushion is a very famous Korean foundation. I should really call it a BB cream since that’s what it is. It’s a liquid foundation kept within a sponge within a compact, which you apply with a puffer powder pad. You’d think that all compact foundation is usually either very creamy or powder, but this is a liquid foundation.

I’ve been wearing this exclusively for about 6 months and I absolutely love it. I’m afraid I won’t be posting pictures of my face as I am not well, but I will be doing that very soon with another Disney collaboration with Etude House and Disney. I beg some more of you patience. I will give it five stars for a BB cream though. It’s is just amazing!

Here come the face powders:





The first one is a blusher shaped in a Minnie Mouse face with lilac, peach and pink hues. This one is definitely matte. I’m not going to swatch these because I haven’t gotten it over my heart to use them yet. You will however find many swatch images on the net.

Here is the highlighter:




The highlighter also has lilac and peach hues, but much lighter and more pearly. Again, I haven’t usedthis yet so I really don’t want to ruin it with a swatch.

Next up is the lipstick. There were two in the set but the red one sold out like hot cakes and I just couldn’t get my hot little hands on it.

This is #02 Bubble Pink:


Here’s a lip swatch: 

I also only got two of the three eyeshadows.


Here are the swatches. I got PK006 (matte bright pink) and PK005 (matte caramel brown):


I didn’t get the lashes, mascara or loose Minnie shaped glitter.

I hope you enjoyed this.

Till next time.