Mac Red Red Red Collection 2014


Ladies and Jellyspoons.

I feel like this post won’t interest many people, since Mac has been inundating us with red lipsticks this year and it’s getting a bit redundant. However, I did get a little (maybe more than just a little) beside myself when I saw the eyeshadows in this collection. I was lucky enough to pick up the two darker colours, JUST before they sold out.

Here is Red Alert: (coppery red Veluxe Pearl)


Some say it’s too similar to Mac Coppering. I must admit that I don’t have Coppering to compare it to, but Christine at Temptalia did not compare it to Coppering and I’m more than ready to take her word for it. It’s also said to be similar to Mac Gingersnap. It’s one of the shades that’s available in the Mac Cool Neutrals permanent palette, which I also don’t have,but please bear with me.

Here is the swatch:


I wore it today but I took a nap and so it’s not as vibrant as it was when I first applied it. Yes, I sleep on my belly and I often stain my pillow. I’ll add an image as soon as I do a look again.

The next colour is Strike While Haute: (true red Matte)


It’s pretty scary isn’t it? I know. I do feel that it’s something that takes the right amount of skill to pull off and it’s probably best with darker skin tones and darker eye colours. I haven’t plucked up the courage to use it yet, but here is a swatch:


I happened to have my blush palette open next to my eye shadow palette and I couldn’t help but observe how similar it is to Frankly Scarlet the blush. I won’t actually be surprised if it’s the exact same product just sold in smaller quantities and under a different name. For some this might be total disappointment, but I still feel better wearing eyeshadow on my lids than wearing blush, either way.

This is Strike While Haute (left)
Frankly Scarlet Blush (right):


It looks even more similar to the naked eye.

Sooo… If you’ve missed out of getting Strike While Haute, don’t despair. Just pick up Frankly Scarlet from your local Mac counter.

The last shadow is a light pink lustre. I don’t like lustres in any possible way because it has so much fall out, it will look like the glitter fairy puked all over you. Not just your face, but everything will have little glitter particles on it. I don’t know about you, but I’m not that desperate for some shine.

Okay folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this.

I’m off to find good ays of wearing red eyeshadow.

Till next time




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