Etude House Liquid Lips 2015 Review

Etude House Liquid Lips.png

Ladies and Jellybeans

I got a text message from Etude House saying that they’re launching a new liquid lipstick on the 29th of January. I know how much I love Etude House and how much I’ve been obsessing over my OCC Liptars lately, so I knew this was something I’d have to give a try. So I scoured the net for reviews but there is absolutely nothing so far. I decided to plunge in and get two so long and if I’d like them, I’d have to budget for more of the collection. There are 20 lipsticks in the collection so I’d have to save a bit.

The packaging at Etude House is always a win:



It looks like kiddies lipstick in a clear top, but it’s actually a liquid product that is contained within a lipstick shaped compartment. It’s adorable really!

Here is RD301.


This one straight up reminded me of OCC Liptar in Radiate. I will eventually do a dupe review of it.


I found that the purple one after a while wears more bright pink than purple, so I had to reapply to get the purple colour that I originally wanted. That’s not a big deal for me though.

OR 204. This one is translated to Orange In Spicy.


This is one that has been requested by a follower and I’m not sure it suits my fair skin, but I still like the colour and I think it’s fairly versatile.


This one reminds me Strumpet by OCC. I don’t have it in my possession but once I do I will write a comparison review for you on it.

I am very impressed so far as they aren’t drying, they apply easily. I initially thought that I wouldn’t like the flame shaped spoolie or applicator, because it looked really cheap in the pictures, but it’s so much nicer than it looks and the shape of it is proved to be very helpful in drawing a lip line. I would suggest not being too liberal with this product since it’s very pigmented and a little goes a long way. I’d also suggest wearing a lip primer if you wouldn’t want your lips to be stained, since they can be staining if I look at the swatches on my hand. I can’t vouch for the longevity of the product as of yet, but I’ll keep you updated since I’ll be wearing this today.

Not drying
Super pigmented
Many colours to choose from
Handy applicator
A little goes a long way

Will stain lips
Can transfer onto garments when it hasn’t dried yet

Price tag: w9500

Would I buy it again? Yes, absolutely.

I hope this post was helpful or entertaining at least.

Have a lovely week




4 thoughts on “Etude House Liquid Lips 2015 Review

  1. These look even better than they did in the promo pictures! I really want to get it in the shade Orange in Spice but I have to really save up 😦 nice review!

  2. Thank you for your review ! I was wondering about the texture but it looks pretty good 😀 I’m glad they’re not drying, that’s always a concern for me when choosing a new lipstick/lipgloss 😉 I was thinking about getting the other purple one (PP501) but I’m worried it would be too loud, so maybe a light pink or a light peach/coral one… It’s hard to pick just one (or 2) out of 20 shades ;p

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