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Etude House Princess Happy Ending #3 Snow White


Dear Ladies and Gentlebeasts

Etude House came out with an extensive collection featuring: Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Jasmine.

If you’ve been reading my blogs recently, you’ll know that this is the third post on the Etude House Princess Happy Ending collection. I’ve decided to blog about one princess at a time.

Today we will be looking at some of the items from the Snow White section of the collection. I wasn’t able to pick up the red lipstick as that was the #1 selling item for this collection and it was sold out in a very short time.

Here are the items that I got:

Snow White Nail Kit:


As you can see the base colour is not the typical pin up red, but leans more orange/bright red. The glitter in the top coat is also predominantly orange with gold pink and white glittery pieces as well.

This kit’s box is shaped like a book. Many of this collections packaging looks like books which was a giant plus for me. It came with a sheet of nail art tattoos with apples, pictures frames and tiaras galore. I have yet to succeed in applying them without them getting destroyed, but I’ll keep trying:



Next up is one of Etude House’s best selling items and it’s their Bb cream. I have used and am currently using various different types of this Bb cream, but this particular one comes in a book shaped box and special Snow White packaging.



There are 2 different colours. I ended up getting No2 although W13 also work perfectly fine on my skintone. They are SPF 30 and PA++. They also have whitening and anti darkening properties as all korean bbcreams. I like this one because it is not as thick and oily in consistency as Missha and Skin79 Bb creams. I have raved about this Bb cream in the past and I will again. You can’t go wrong with these!


There you have it, Folks. I’ll be adding more blogs to my site daily since I finally have the time to do so.

Have a lovely day!




Etude House Princess Happy Ending #2 Cinderella.


Ladies and Jellyspoons.

I’m finally finding the time to write this review. Etude House came out with this adorable Princess themed make up collection a while ago. I was unfortunately not able to get my hands on the entire collection, but I got something for every princess represented.

The Cinderella theme has a nail polish set as well as 3 cream fairy glitter eyeshadows. I could unfortunately only get my hands on the eyeshadows.

#1. Pink Glass Heels:




And here is the swatch:



Pink Glass Heels is a vivid deep pink. The texture is very glittery although this is a cream eyeshadow. I’ve heard complaints that the product dries up over time. I’ve had mine for quite some time and I haven’t experienced any drying. I do however check that the containers are tightly closed.

#2 Magic Pumpkin:



And here’s the swatch:


Magic Pumpkin is a golden pumpkin ¬†brown infused with tons of fairy glitter. Again it’s a cream shadow that has not dried on me. It’s extremely pigmented. If you’re someone who doesn’t like glitter or shine, these aren’t for you.

#3 Evening Party:



And the swatch:


Evening Party is a glittery chocolate brown. Perfect for a liner or brow bone colour and even perfect for all over the lid.

Verdict: I honestly wish that Etude House would make their limited editions available for longer. They are so, so good and I would totally keep buying these if they were permanent shades.

They get 5 stars from me.

I will make a look with these soon. I’m currently on my lunch break at work and slowly trying to catch up on my reviews.

Have a lovely week!