Etude House Princess Happy Ending #2 Cinderella.


Ladies and Jellyspoons.

I’m finally finding the time to write this review. Etude House came out with this adorable Princess themed make up collection a while ago. I was unfortunately not able to get my hands on the entire collection, but I got something for every princess represented.

The Cinderella theme has a nail polish set as well as 3 cream fairy glitter eyeshadows. I could unfortunately only get my hands on the eyeshadows.

#1. Pink Glass Heels:




And here is the swatch:



Pink Glass Heels is a vivid deep pink. The texture is very glittery although this is a cream eyeshadow. I’ve heard complaints that the product dries up over time. I’ve had mine for quite some time and I haven’t experienced any drying. I do however check that the containers are tightly closed.

#2 Magic Pumpkin:



And here’s the swatch:


Magic Pumpkin is a golden pumpkin  brown infused with tons of fairy glitter. Again it’s a cream shadow that has not dried on me. It’s extremely pigmented. If you’re someone who doesn’t like glitter or shine, these aren’t for you.

#3 Evening Party:



And the swatch:


Evening Party is a glittery chocolate brown. Perfect for a liner or brow bone colour and even perfect for all over the lid.

Verdict: I honestly wish that Etude House would make their limited editions available for longer. They are so, so good and I would totally keep buying these if they were permanent shades.

They get 5 stars from me.

I will make a look with these soon. I’m currently on my lunch break at work and slowly trying to catch up on my reviews.

Have a lovely week!




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