Etude House Dreaming Swan ‘Eye And Cheek’ Review. 


Dear Ladies and Jellyspoons

I wanted to do roundup of the entire collection, and I thought I would never get my hands on the purple blush because they were sold out everywhere, but I am rejoying while saying that they restocked and I got my hands on it. So instead of doing a roundup, I will review these section by section and then do a roundup.

The Dreaming Swan collection is a collaboration with well known artist and illustrator Kerry Hess. She has recently drawn illustrations for Chanel and many other famous French designers and she’s is extremely talented.

The Eye and Cheeks part of the collection is a set of 5 blushes that could potentially be used as eyeshadows as well. I haven’t tried them on the eyes yet, so I’ll be referring to them as blushes.

This is Jeté Pink:

A beautiful image of a ballerina jumping is imprinted in the blush:



And here is the swatch:
Jeté Pink is a light rosy pink with golden particles. This is very sheer and probably won’t show up on darker skin tones than the milky white folks like myself.
Number 2 is Pointe Coral:


This one has a beautiful imprint of a ballerina’s tutu and legs.


And here’s the swatch:

Pointe Coral is an even sheerer coral gold. This will most certainly not show up on darker skin tones. For most this will be a beauty powder or a hi-light.
Next is Arabesque Rosy:


This one has an imprint of a ballerina’s head and torso.


Here is the swatch:
Arabesque Rosy is a deep rosy pink with coral/guava undertones. I’d definitely say this is a more universal colour. This is probably my favorite of the pinks.

Next up is En Haut Pink:fullsizerender-6



This one has an imprint of a ballerina’s head and torso and the ballerina is wearing a crown/tiara. fullsizerender-1


Here is the Swatch:

En Haut Pink is similar to Arabesque Rosy sans the coral undertones. It’s definitely more hot pink and it has more shimmer than Arabesque Rosy. 

And last but not least is Relevé Purple:


This one has an imprint of the ballerina’s full body as she’s dancing on her toes.


And here’s the swatch:
Relevé Purple is a light satin lilac purple. I was most excited about this colour since purple is my favorite colour, and since I doubt I’ll ever find a purple blush like this again.

I am a little reluctant to use these at all since they are so lovely, but I will during the course of this week since I can’t wait to try the purple one.

I know from experience that Etude House blushes last 4 to 5 hours or longer, and I have no doubt in these either. They retail for $13 each and if you buy them for the packaging alone, I’d say it worth it.

They come in a screw top tin and a tutu blush puff. I’ll be using my Real Techniques blush brushes so I don’t care much for the puffs, although they are pretty.
That’s all from me folks. I’ll be reviewing some of the lipsticks within the next few days.

Take care


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