Château Labiotte Wine Lipstick Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I have a very exciting review for you today. About three months ago a new brand called Chateau Labiotte has hit the Korean cosmetic market by storm, because they’ve come out with an extremely unique and attractive concept of wine themed makeup products, including lipsticks, tints, blushes, eye palettes, mascaras, masks and you name it. You can look at the brand over here.

I have google searched the brand and found that the lip tints are by far more popular than the lipsticks, but I am one of the weird girls who prefer lipstick to lip tint, so I will be reviewing on that I was able to pick up. Off course, you know me, I want them all and will probably eventually get them all, but for now I had to restrain myself and limit my expenditures to one lipstick and one lip tint. I will be reviewing the lip tint next so you can hold your breath 🙂

Here are some of the other colours available. I have noticed that they are expanding on the colour range, so sooner or later they will be available in every colour you can associate with wine, I guess. They have five dry wine options, and five sweet wine options. I might be wrong, but it seems to me like the dry wine options are matte, and the sweet  wine options are creamier on the lips.


I have recently coloured my hair black so I opted for vampy red / burgundy which some of you may know has always been my favourite lipstick colour. This one is called RD01 Malbec Burgundy (말벡버건디). 


I was trying to get creative with my pictures, but I only have a champagne glass, which just didn’t work. As you can probably tell in the very first picture, the top of the product conceals a tiny little sponge tip with which you can smudge the lipstick if you want to the popular Korean ombré lip look. Above the label, you can pull open the little bottle to reveal the lipstick product itself. This is what it looks like:

Here is the product swatched on my wrist:image3

As you can see it’s got decent colour pay off and it has a lovely matte finish.

Here it is on my lips:labiotte


As with any matte lip, it will show up little chaps or dry patches. It’s winter here and I am not 100% healthy, which always shows on my mouth first. I would suggest a good scrub before applying this. (I’m preaching to myself here)

The verdict:

I don’t have anything negative to say. The product feels like a high quality lipstick on the lips. It literally smells like wine. As far as i can remember they go for w12 000 per lipstick, which in my mind is worth it. They currently have around 10 different colours in two different finishes and they are expanding on that as well. I am looking forward to getting more of them and do a comprehensive blog, so keep you eyes on my blog in the next few months.

Let me know if you’d be into a lip product like this at all, and which colour spectrum you’d be into, so I could give you my take on it.

Lots of love and happy new year.





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