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Etude House Dear Darling Tint Review


Hello Everyone

I am back with another lip tint review, as promised. I’m actually really opening up to the idea of my lips being “Cool Aid” stained. 🙂

I’ve had this one for quite some time and I have actually reviewed it before but due to some cough up I’ve lost almost all of my pictures and some of my blogs and it’s been chaos to try and get everything back in order again. I thought I’d do a more thorough review than before with better photography, so it’s not a train smash.

Etude House has an extensive amount of various types of tints, but this one comes from a fairly limited line. There are only 4 in the line. I have number one.

Here is the promotional image from their site:


The very first picture I posted is of the one I have. It’s a beautiful dark pink colour in the tube, but it turns out to be much lighter when swatched and on the lips.

It comes with a dew foot applicator, which in my opinion is always the best for any liquid lip product:


Here is the swatch on my wrist:


So even though the product is a dark berry liquid, it’s a much pinker once it dries:


This is definitely a hardy tint. I wore it yesterday and I was actually struggling to get it off today, as I was taking other lip images for my blog. I required a lip scrub to get the last patches of pink off my lips. If you are someone who prefers lip tint for this very reason, then you know this is one you want to try out 😉

The verdict:

Long lasting as. Won’t budge for anything. Smells fruity. A little goes a very long way. Inexpensive. Cute.

I’m definitely looking into getting more of these in the near future. 

Let me know what you thoughts are on tints in general.




The Faceshop Disney Princess Lip tint-glass review.


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I promised that I would try and track down more of these lovely lip products, and I am back with another lip tint gloss.

The Faceshop has recently decided to do a huge Disney collaboration. The featured not only the Disney Princesses, but also Pooh Bear, Monster’s Inc, Mickey Mouse and more. I am somewhat interested in the Mickey Mouse collection, but the Disney Princess collection really grabbed my attention. I did sadly wake up a little late to this, so by the time I got to the Faceshop, the Little Mermaid products, which were by far the most popular, were already sold out. I will keep trying to track them down, but I’m not holding my breath. 

Some of you might have seen  my review on the two Snow White lip products. If you haven’t you can see it here.

I was able to track down the Cinderella tint and I will be reviewing that along with the Snow White tint that also featured in my previous review.

First off, here is the promotional image of some of the products that were available in this collection:


There are three lipsticks, three tints, two palettes which are exactly the same, aside from the packaging, an extensive nail polish collection, cushion foundations and hand creams. 

I didn’t really want the Tangled Rapunzel products since I am more an old school Disney Princess fan, but now thinking about it, I will pick them up if I can find them. I was able to track down two of the tints, including Snow White and Cinderella, and I also got the Snow White lipstick and some of the masks. When I do eventually (touch wood) get my hands on the Ariel lip tint, I will add it to this review and reblog it. 

Here are the tints I was able to get my hands on:


Here is #2 Cinderella swatched:


It’s very vivid orange, and probably not for everyone, but I appreciate what it looks like on me, and I feel like I can pull it off with my fair skin and black hair. 

It comes with a dew foot applicator:


They always come in handy with liquid lip products, as you can apply it neatly on the lips and along the cupid’s bow without it looking messy.

This is what it looks like on my lips:


It’s a lot more orange on the lips as it looks in the tube. It looks very luminescent in the container.  

Here is Snow White swatched:


Here it is on the applicator:


And this is what it looks like on my lips:


Overall these products are fantastic. The application is smooth and not messy at all. Something that really stood out for me about this collection is that every product has a different image. The lipstick featuring Snow White and Ariel have different images to the lip tints that feature them. They have really gone the extra mile with this collection, and the fact that it has sold out like hot cakes, should be a big indication of the quality they provide. 

The only negative thing I can say about these is that they featured a modern princess, which to me seemed so out of place. They could’ve used Belle instead, in my opinion. I also am so so bummed that I wasn’t able to get the Ariel products, since she is by far my favourite Disney Princess. 

That’s all from me for now. Hold your thumbs that I can come back soon with good news about the Ariel products!

Lots of love





Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons.

Etude House has an extensive amount of products that have been around for a while because they are just so fantastic. Their Lovely Cookie blushes have been a cult favourite for a few years now and they remain one of their top selling lines. These blushes come in domed cases that make them look like macarons, from whence the name Lovely Cookie. They are the same pan size as MAC blushes, if anyone feels the need to depot them and place them in a palette. I am too in love with the packaging to ever justify doing that though.

I know I have done a review on these before, but my collection has grown quite significantly, and I thought it would be a great idea to share my thoughts on my collection so far. You know me, I want them and I will eventually have them all, but for now I have 5 of the 12. Here they are:


They are named and numbered by the store so I will present them to you in numerical order:

#3 Raspberry Tarte:


Raspberry Tarte is the first one I bought, along with Rose Sugar Macaron. It’s very bright and as you can tell, it’s not one I’ve used a lot yet because of it’s brightness. I must say though that there are ways to wear bright or even dark blushes. Professional makeup artist and Youtube Guru Wayne Goss suggests applying the blush before applying foundation. It allows the foundation to tone down the brightness of the blush, and you can apply less product that you would for example a much lighter colour that you’d have to layer on.

and here is the swatch:


As you can see, Raspberry Tarte has the tiniest amount of silver sparkle.


#6 Grapefruit Jelly


Grapefruit Jelly is a cult favourite. In all the reviews I’ve read and watched, people have raved about it. It is one of my latest purchases which is why it’s not very indented yet, but I really adore it.

And here is the swatch:


Grapefruit Jelly is a chalky peach/ coral with the almost unnoticeable amount of silver sparkle.

#7 Rose Sugar Macaron


You can probably tell that Rose Sugar Macaron has gotten a TON of love from me. I’ve almost hit pan on it. It’s definitely one that I grab on an almost day to day throughout the year. I adore all of them, but this ones takes the cake. I’ve actually given two of them away to friends because I love it so much!

And here’s the swatch:


Rose Sugar Macaron is peachy gold duo chrome blush. It not only provides you with rosy cheeks, but a bit of shine as well. I know many people don’t like blushes with shine to them, but this one is really something else.

#9 Sweetberry Muffin


Sweetberry Muffin is another one that has been used to death. It’s just a lovely pastel pink. It hardly has any sheen to it. The reason why I wear it so often is that it’s just a neutral blush that gives you just enough natural colour to make you look healthy. 

And here’s the swatch:


Sweetberry Muffin has almost no sheen to it, and it comes off more pink than it looks in the pan. 

#11 Peach Choux Wafers:


Peach Choux Wafers is beautiful coral. This one might be to dark for my porcelain skin tone, but it works when I dust it lightly. 

And the swatch:


Peach Choux Wafers looks more pastel on ones skin than it does in the pan. It’s similar to Sweetberry Muffin in that is has little to no sheen. 

The verdict:

These only go for $6 each and there is currently 12 in the collection. They quality is comparable to NARS and MAC blushes. I really want all of them, but the only thing I can complain about is that some of them are REALLY hard to track down. It’s as if every Etude House thinks it’s only necessary to keep the best sellers. That being said, I will not rest until I have all of them 🙂 

Which one would you like to see reviewed?




Tony Moly Petite Blusher Delight

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

Today I will be reviewing some blushes, and this time it’s by Tony Moly. The Petite Blusher Delight blushes are very similar to Etude House Lovely Cookie blushers, but they come in black packaging and they come in a line of only 3 different colours, or which I was able to hunt down 2.

Here they are:



As you can tell, they are similar to the Etude House blushers in that they are in the almost exact same dome shaped, macaron cookie style casing, and they come with ribboned puffers as well. 

#1 Petite Pink is a lovely baby pink with a slight silver sparkle. 


It’s not overly sparkly, but just ever so slight so that one can almost not really pick it up on a swatch or while you’re wearing it. I personally prefer blushes to have less shine and more colour, so this one work perfectly for giving my pale face just enough of a healthy, rosy glow. 

Here’s the swatch:


The next one I got is #2 Petite Peach:


Petite Peach in the pan is not what I would call peachy. It’s more a magenta. It also has a very slight silver sheen, but even less than Petite Pink, but once you swatch it definitely comes off more peachy. 

Here’s the swatch: 


I tried without success to hunt down #3 Petite Coral. I will not give up though, and once I do get my hands on it, I will add it to this blog and reblog it.

My thoughts:

Honestly, I’ve been wearing these more frequently than my MAC and Benefit blushes. They are cute and compact. They are really affordable at the ₩5000 (roughly $5) price tag, and they are of a fantastic quality, that is only to be expected from Korean cosmetics brands. 

Have you tried any Korean blushers lately, or are you perhaps interested in trying one but you want to know whether it’s worth it? Let me know and I’ll look into it. 





Innisfree Real Fit Colour Liquid Velvet Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I am back with another lipstick review from Innisfree. This time it’s a liquid lipstick called Real Fit Colour in Liquid Velvet. There are five different lipsticks in this line and then there are other with different finishes. You can see the five Liquid Velvet lipsticks in the picture above.

I chose V2. It’s a lovely mauve in the tube but can look slightly brighter when applied. Here is what it looks like in the tube:


In the tube it kind of reminds of a lipstick by MAC called Lovelorn, but it’s quite different once applied. Here are the swatches:


It seems to wear differently depending on how many layers you apply. This product is similar to OCC Liptars and the raved about Kiley Lipsticks, in that it applies wet but once it dries it has a matte finish. I suppose Innisfree got their idea of the ‘velvet’ from Lime Crime, since they have an extensive range of liquid velvet lipsticks as well. I will try and get my hands on a few different ones in the future to see how they compare.

This is what it looks like on my lips right after it has been applied:


These apply incredibly smooth and don’t feel drying like a regular matte lipstick would. It’s got really great colour pay of as well.

Would I repurchase? Yes, there is a purple one that I have my eye on. I will review it as soon as I have it. I don’t really have anything negative to say about this product. Innisfree is really an outstanding brand on all fronts and one should only expect great quality from them.

That’s it from me.





The Faceshop Snow White Lipstick and Lip Tint Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

Today I have very special review for you and this time it’s from The Faceshop. The Faceshop is another amazing Korean cosmetic brand that I feel doesn’t get enough love on social media.

Some of you may know that I am a die hard Disney Classics fan and that I’m equally fond of Hans Christian Andersen‘s fairy tales, of which The Little Mermaid is my favourite. I did however wake up a little too late to the fact that The Faceshop is having a Disney Princess collab, so I was only able to get the two Snow White lip products so far.

Here are some of the collection’s promotional images:

The lipsticks:


The lip tint/ glass line:


I was only able to get the Snow White lip products and I desperately wanted to get the Little Mermaid ones too. I don’t need the others, but I might pick them up when I see them. I’m more a Disney classics fan than the modern ones.

Here they are:


As you can see, the packaging is as fantastic as they look in the promotion image. What I found surprising is that the red part of the lipstick container is the lid. The white part with the heart is the actual shaft containing the retractable lipstick product:


Here is what it looks like open:


To me the lipstick shape looks exactly like the Etude House Dear My Wish Lip Talk line. The texture is also pretty similar. I’m assuming they are using the same mould for the lipstick product itself, which doesn’t bother me. It’s a different brand with different strong points, and the quality is absolutely outstanding.

Here is the swatch:


And here is what it looks like on the lips:


It’s very creamy and applies effortlessly with vivid colour. I wish they had these as permanents since they are so good, and this sort of red is universal for all skintones and can be worn in all seasons.

The next product I got is the Snow White Tint Glass.


I really appreciate the fact that even the little Snow White picture differs from the one on the lipstick. They’ve gone through a lot of trouble to make this line as amazing as it is, and for the prices they charge per product, you really must commend them for it.

The tint glass comes with a doe foot applicator, which is my favourite kind for tint, glosses or liquid lipsticks. It makes the application even without being it being splotchy.


Here is the swatch:


Here is the lip swatch:


I am extremely  bummed that I wasn’t able to get the Ariel part of this collection, which seems to have been the most popular part as well. I am hoping that they will restock soon so I can get my hands on them, else I might have to turn to amazon.

What did you think of the promo picture. Did anything catch you eye?

Let me know in the comment section below.





Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick Review


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons.

I have another Creammelow review for you today, but since I wrote the previous review so many months ago, I thought I’d review the both of them for you today. Creammelow2.jpg

The first one I got is number 8 and tranlates as Glossy Red. 

Here is what it looks like on my lips:


As you can tell, it is very creamy and the colour is really strong with this one. I didn’t have to apply extra layers at all. I like the way it glides on without being patchy or sheer.

The next one I got is number 10 and it’s called Latte Brown.

Here is what it looks like on the lips:


This one is a lot more sheer, but I love the colour since it a unique nude and it will look different on everyone depending on the natural colour of your lips.

Here is a picture of the product line. They retail for w12 000 and I want all of them 🙂


There you have it beauties and beaus. I will be getting more of these soon and off course you’d be the first to know what I think.

Lots of love and best wishes for the new year.