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Face Shop Gelato Tint Review

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Dear Ladies and Jellyspoons

It’s been a long time since I bought any lip tints aside from Peripera because I thought my collection was getting a bit out of hand, but then I got this one from Face Shop and the entire collection of Etude House Soft Drink tints for my birthday.  I have not been able to get more in the meantime. I’m really trying to be economical lately, so I will only be reviewing one of them today. I will try and get a couple of swatches of the whole collection when I visit there booth next. 

This is what the entire collection looks like:



To some extent I like that the majority of the colours are red or red based, but I also would’ve enjoyed a black or deep purple tint. I think something controversial would sell, but maybe South Korea is just not the right place for that. A girl can dream though…

I got 06 Cherry Mousse and I must say my friend was spot on with choosing this one for me. I will always gravitate towards the deeper more vampy reds or pinks. Cherry Mousse is a deep Cherisse pink. 

The texture is very similar to the Peripera Ink Gelato which I reviewed a couple of days ago, although I must say this one is thicker and I feel like you get more out of the container with one doe foot application. You don’t really need to dip the applicator in a second time because enough product adheres to the applicator. This is a major plus point for me. 

As you can tell, the doe foot applicator is very textured – I almost want to say hairy – and it is perfect for a quick application and even distribution of product. 

Here is the swatch on my arm:

It is quite pigmented and there is no amount of splotchiness or uneven distribution. 

Here is what it looks like on my lips:

This particular smells like rose water or turkish delights, and it feels so soft and creamy on my lips, with absolutely no drying effect at all. 

I wouldn’t mind owning this whole collection, since I can see myself wearing it on a regular basis. 

Which one would you like to try out? Let me know in the comments’ section. 




Peripera Ink Gelato Review


Hello Everybody

As some of you may know, I have always been a huge fan of Peripera lip tints. My love affair started with them years ago when I first purchased a lip crayon by them. They have the most adorable ink pot packaging with little anime girls as their mascot. I have ever since tried a tonne of their different products including, tints of all textures and colours, mascara, brow pencils, highlighters and cushion foundation. I will be reviewing a product line that has been out for a while now but it caught my attention because the brand decided to expand their 5 permanent colour line to 12 colours, including two limited editions. I didn’t get any of their new colours yet, but since their original 5 was on sale, and I had not tried them yet, I thought I’d give them a try.

Here is a picture of the original line: (Available at Olive Young, or CVS in America)


Here is a pictures of #6 and #7 which are limited edition and came out with The Daldal Factory collection: (Available at Club Clio)


And here are the 5  brand new editional colours: (Available at Olive Young, or CVS in America)


That makes their original line or 5 now a line or 12 beautiful different colours.

I was able to snag number 4 and number 5 of the original collection:

Here they are:


This is what the packaging looks like:


Here are swatches.

img_8011.jpg#4 Fresh Coral

I was actually looking for a bright pumpkin orange and accidentally picked up the wrong one. The packaging can be a bit deceiving so I definitely advocate for swatching a tester to see the true colour before purchasing. I am not too sad since I want to get more of these anyway and a soft peachy orange is something I would wear on a regular basis. It is safe for work and not too muted to not work for fall.


#5 Fun Place Deep Red

I can never pass up a good red. Honestly from my vast collection of lipsticks, it’s the Peripera tints that I actually end up using up to the point of needing to replace them. This is why to me they are a guiltless purchase because I know I will use all of it before it expires. There is one other red in the permanent collection but this one looked like a true blood red in the packaging and it was by far my first pic. Fun Place Deep Red is the perfect pinup red. It’s the most universally flatter reds so if you only wanted one of these, I’d definitely recommend this one.


Peripera is known for good quality lip tints and these are certainly not an acception. I picked these up from Olive Young on sale for only w7000 each. I don’t want to be quoted on this but I can imagine that they would compare to Lime Crime Plushies. They were light and although matte, they have a soft velvety texture on the lips. They last a good couple of hours and yet with the right makeup removed can be removed without leaving stains on the skin. I used Garnier Micellar cleansing water to remove them.

They smell like red apples which is a big plus point for me because the red on reminds me of Snow White. I did a picture for my Instagram using it. If you are not following me yet, and you like what you see here, please follow me there too. Click on the picture for the link.


I will be getting my hands on more of these in the future, so please keep your eyes peeled for them. For my reviews on Ink Moisture, and Ink Velvet, click on the blue.

Happy hump day from my house to your.



Etude House Soft Drink Tint Review


Etude House Instagram Post

Hello Everybody

Some of you know that Etude House recently brought out a new line of oil tints. I had recently bought the entire line of PeriPera Sugar Glow Tint and I wasn’t sure whether I’d be investing in a whole other line, but then Richard came home with the entire collection for me as a gift and I am over the moon about it! What sets this line apart right from the get go is not just the cute little Coke bottle packaging, but the fact that it also contains a PURPLE lip tint. Korea hasn’t produced anything this purple for the lips to my knowledge in the last 6 years and if I had to pick one just but looking at them, it would definitely have been the purple one.

Here’s the collection:


There are five tints in this collection and I won’t be shocked if Etude House eventually decide to add to it which is something they have been known to do, like with their Dear Darling tints that are packed in ice lolly themed containers. Etude House seriously knows how to create cute looking products!

Here is what the containers look like when opened:





Milky Soda at first glance looks like a gloss rather than a tint. It is not entirely wrong, although I must say there is the slightest little lavender tint left after it dries up. In essence I’d more be more likely to call it a gloss either way. It comes in a clear bottle shaped container with a sea blue screw off top. The product it’s looks opaque blue with the smallest particles silver and pink duochrome glitter. It can be worn on its own, over the top of a brightly coloured tint to make it more glossy.


Great Grape is definitely my favourite in the line. It’s a bright vivid violet and I don’t know how they did it but it has a tingly sensation on the lips like after drinking cola or pop, and it tastes like Fanta Grape, which has always been one of my favourite soft drinks. It goes on glossy at first but when it dries it just leaves your lips feeling natural but with a strong purple colour that stays. It temporarily stains your lips so if you’d rather not have it on for too long, I’d suggest wearing a lip primer or a clear balm underneath it. Grape Soda will eventually turn a bit more fuschia than purple, which is typical of purple tints. It is very comparable to Bell Tint 06. 


Zero Red appears quite orange toned in the packing and on the swatch but when applied it is the perfect pinup red. I always have a soft spot for red lip products because it is so versatile, can be worn year long, can be used a cheek tint and matches every skin colour there is. I love that it smells like Coke too. 


I am never the biggest fan of orange toned lip products. I guess they just to match my fair skin tone, but I must say Grapefruit Fantasy is an exception because it has more of a pink undertone, exactly like the flesh of a pink grapefruit. This one smells and tastes especially tingly or almost zingy on the lips. There used to be a Virgin drink in a bright pink bottle in the 90s that this reminds me of, and it almost reminds me of my favourite sherbet powder.


I really adore a muted pink toned lip products. Peach Tok Tok Tok is the perfect muted pink and is subtle enough to be safe for work or even for your wedding. Although the packaging appears more orange, the product looks more pink, but I’m guessing that’s because I have a rosy undertones and that it would differ from person to person. Tok is an onomatopoeia to describe the sound of a bubble popping. I think it’s adorable and it describes the product so well because it really does have that sodastream tingle to it.

I am overall very impressed with these products. They have put a lot of effort into the packaging, the individual flavours, the feeling of tingling after application, and the over all quality that a great tint should have. These make great stocking stuffers and are ideal for any age from children to grandmas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Which one was your favourite? Have a lovely week!