Etude House Lucky Dog Dear My Glass Tinting Review

Hello Everybody.

Happy year of the dog. I am back with another Etude House Lucky Puppy review and today I will be talking about one of their special edition lipstick. I have recently reviewed one of their eye shadow quads with for of their special edition eyeshadows. You can see it here.

Every season Etude House comes out with a beautiful collection of special products and special casing. At the beginning of every new year a lot of makeup brands here use the Chinese zodiac as a theme. Last year etude house had an extensive range of special edition eyeshadows with chickens and chicks to represent the year of the rooster, and this year they are representing the year of the dog with a gorgeous puppy themed line featuring corgis, maltese poodles and dachshunds. I really wanted to get all of the lipstick cases but they were all sold out so I only managed to the corgi one.

Here they are:



I really like all of them, but I like the corgi one the most so I am very happy that I snagged this one before it was sold out. I was also able to get this beautiful makeup pouch for free because I was stocking up on souvenirs for my family and spent over a certain amount.


I’m going to explain to you how the cases work. Just like with Paul and Joe makeup, Etude House came out with a line of several permanent cases and several permanent lipstick, but you buy them separately so you can mix and match them to your own quirky style.



Here some of their permanent line cases:


I personally own two of them SO FAR. (I want them all) Here they are:


Here are some of the colours you can choose from:ETUDE_GLASSTINTING_SWATCH4

I will be reviewing them separately since there are still so many that I would like to get. But just one tip: sometimes the special edition lines have special packaging but not special products. My watermelon case currently contains the same colour as my corgi case because I foolishly thought they’d bring out special edition colours which wasn’t ‘the case’. lol.

I got Choker Red #303 and this is what it looks like:


Choker Red is a beautiful tomato red in a creamy yet shiny finish. All the Dear My Glass Tinting lipsticks have the same consistency, and then they also have a whole matte line called Dear My Matt Tinting which I am yet to try.

Have you tried any of these lines and their cases? Which ones do you like? I feel like I need to get them all before leaving Korea permanently, and that’s not a good thing because I should be saving.

Have a lovely weekend.






Etude House Lucky Puppy Eye Shadow Review

Hello Everyone

Happy year of the Dog! Did you know that the chinese zodiac for this year is the dog? I was born in the year of the rabbit, but I love dogs so much! Etude House has recently come out with a beautiful line of puppy themed makeup called Lucky Puppy. I wasn’t able to get the whole collection, for as you can imagine, it flew off the shelves, but I was able to pick up one of their special edition lipstick cases, and an eye shadow quad with four individual eye shadows that can be depotted and put inside the quad.

Today I will be talking to you about the eye shadows, and showing you how to remove them from their individual packaging, and putting them inside the little palette.

Here are the individual shades:


From left to right: RD 305, GR 709, PP 511,BR 420




From bottom to top: RD 305, GR 709, PP 511,BR 420

This is the quad, and what they look like in the palette:

I’m going to also show you how to remove the individual pans for their packaging and place them into the palette.


Just below the hinge of the packaging, at the back, there is a pinhole, concealed just below the edge of the sticker. If you rub your fingernail over the sticker you will see there is a small indentation there. Open the packaging, making sure to hold it close to a soft surface like a towel placed over your bed or your dresser. Then take a pin or needle and poke it through the pinhole and pry the pan out. There will be a dollop of glue holding the pan in the casing but the glue is soft and it doesn’t take much effort to pry it up. Then carefully remove the pan and press it into the palette, making sure you know where in the quad you want it before placing it inside. Unlike other palettes that use magnets, these rely on the glue for the pans to stay put.

This is what my full quad looks like:



I really love all of these colours, although they are all very different and I won’t wear them all at the same time on a regular basis. The great thing about Etude House is that they have larger palettes and SEVERAL other colours to choose from so you can mix and match them and swop them around in your palettes depending on you look of the day.

Which of the Lucky Puppy items were you able to snag, and which ones would you have liked to get? I will be talking about my Lucky Puppy lipstick and makeup pouches in my next post.

Happy Humpday!



Peri Pera Sugar Glow Tint Entire Line Review


Hello Everyone

I’m finally back after the move and today I will be sharing one of my favourite brands with you. Peripera is known for their inwell themed makeup. You can find almost all of their products are packaged in inkwells, from mascara, to foundation, to their ever so famous lip tints. As a writer, the idea of having all of your makeup in inkwells really appeals to me.

Their most famous tint line, Peri’s Ink, comes in a variety to colours and finishes that all come in beautiful black ink wells. Sugar Glow Tint has a slightly different theme as their containers are larger, clear inkwells with a line of  5 new tints.


Here are what the swatches look like:


The are from left to right:

#1 Strawberry Sweet


Strawberry Sweet is by far the most popular of the line and it was actually hard for me to track it down. I bought the collection at the time when they were having a sale and I had to visit 3 different stores to find it. It’s a buildable pinup red and of all the 5 in the collection I find this one to be the most universally flattering.

#2 Grapefruit Spirit 


Grapefruit Spirit is a vivid orange, and it is perfect for spring and summer and can even be worn in fall because of its Jack O lantern colour.

#3 Pink Melon IMG_0060

Pink Melon is a toned down peach with both pink and orange undertones, perfect for spring.



#4 Sweet and Sour


Sweet and Sour looks like a pastel orange in the container, but will wear differently on the lips because of its opacity. Your own lip colour will play a big part in what the end results will look like. I have rosy undertones so it wears more pink on my lips.

#5 Cherry Pie Filling


Cherry Pie filling is the perfect barbie pink and can be toned down by wearing only a light touch, or toned up by wearing more layers. I like that it is the only cool tone in the line and stands bold just like it should as a bright pink.

That’s it from me for now. I will be on here with more Peripera love among other brands.




Etude House Play Color Eyes Peach Farm Palette Review

peach farm

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

I have recently acquired quite a collection of new goodies from Etude House that I need to review for all of you. When you’re in your home country and you keep seeing launches of new product lines and you decide to save up to get it once you arrive. That’s exactly what I did.

Today I will be sharing my thoughts on a beautiful new eyeshadow palette called Peach Farm, from Etude House. I already own their Wine Party palette, as it was a Christmas gift from my husband, and I adore it. It’s been my go to palette throughout my entire time in South Africa. I’ve also been eyeing the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette for a while now, and wondered how it might compare. Unfortunately I don’t have my hands on one of them as of yet, but I’ll be sure to do a swatch comparison in the future.

This is what the packaging looks like:

I absolutely adore the colours and the way they created a gradient between them. It’s so classy and sleek. And unlike the tin palettes by brands like Urban Decay and Too Faced, this one is made of plastic that is less likely to get scratches and dings in it.

Here is the palette:

Etude House has a famous eye shadow line called Look At My Eyes and they bring out small 6 shadow palettes and large 10 shadow palettes every season.  Peach Farm is a large one.

1.) Solsol Dried Pine Cone is a beautiful matte caramel brown. It’s perfect for the crease of brow bone highlight if you have a tanned skin tone. I personally don’t play enough with matte shaddows so I’ll have to play with it more, but so far it’s worked well in the crease for me, and I know it will work well as a blonde brow powder as well.

2.) White Is It? is a pearly iridescent off white, from whence the name. It’s perfect for placing over another colour to lighten it up. In Korea they refer to light colours like this as ‘lace’. I really like that term. It’s like wearing a lacy blouse over colour camisole. It’s also great for the inner eyes, especially on blue eyes, as it will accentuate the cooler tones in your eyes and make them look a brighter blue.

Swatched: (Solsol Dried Pine Cone, White is it?)

3.) Free Dating is a copper with peachy duochrome. I feel like I’m saying this a lot but these colours really work well with blue or green eyes. In saying that it will always work well with any other eye colour.

4.) Sunshine Peach is a rosy pink with golden iridescence. This is great for hazel eyes as it will bring out the gold flecks. The colour pay off for this one isn’t exactly what I would’ve like, but considering the price of the palette and the excess of other amazing colours, I can’t be to gripey about it.

Swatched: (Free Dating, Sunshine Peach)


5.) Pamplemousse Tea is a matte peach orange. It’s a tad blotchy but can be layered and works well in the crease. I will even work well as a summery blusher too.

6.) Smashed Peach Juice (actually translated as Grinded Peach Juice so I had to improvise my own name, since grinded reminds of the fact that I have to get my tooth filling replaced because I grinded my teeth and the filling came out.) It’s a shimmery, peachy nude, but it doesn’t quiet apply like the colour in the pan. I’d use this one to blend over a darker matte shade to make it more shimmery.

Swatched: (Pamplemousse Tea, Smashed Peach Juice) 

7.) Ah Peach is a gorgeous duochrome peachy pink, with fine gold shimmer. It reminds me of Expensive Pink by MAC. I’d love to do side by side comparisons but I actually completely finished the one I had because it was an absolute cult favourite. I am sure that I’ll be hitting pan on Ah Peach sometime in the near future as well. It’s one of those shades you can wear on it’s own without anything else in the crease or inner corner. I think it’s my favourite or second favourite of the whole palette.

8.) Ripe Nectarine probably is my favourite colour in this palette, not because of its colour as such but because it is extremely hard to find a red eyeshadow in a palette like this and usually when palettes do have them, they are chalky and blotchy or not as true to colour as I would’ve wanted. This one is true to colour and although it is a matte, it doesn’t wear blotchy or chalky. I am really happy that they put this colour in the palette, and if you’re out and you realise you didn’t pack a blush, you’re sorted.

Swatched: (Ah Peach, Ripe Nectarine)

9.) Dazzling Peach Farm reminds me of Amber Lights by MAC. I’ll find it and swatch it for you as soon as possible. It’s a coppery gold with yellow undertones. It has the most amazing colour pay. To me it just looks like liquid gold on the eyelids and it’s a universally flattering colour.

10.) Peach Tree is a chocolate brown with fine gold dust. It has a duochrome of gold and brown. The colour pay off is also extremely satisfying and it works well with in the crease, paired with any of the other brighter colours in this palette.

Swatched: (Dazzling Peach Farm, Peach Tree)

That’s it from me, Ladies and Gentlebeasts. I will be back soon with more Etude House reviews for you very soon. Until then, take care.



Oxygen Ceuticals O2 Cushion Review

Hello Ladies and Jellyspoons

I know it has been more than a month since any of you last heard from me, and I solemnly declared that I would post more regularly this year – turns out the new year new me is still stuck in 2017. I have a legit excuse though: I visited my home town for the first time in 3 years and I thought I’d have time to blog while there, but that only happened once, then I thought I’d make time when I’m back but I’ve been unbearably jetlagged for 2 weeks and my husband finally arrived back in Korea aw well only yesterday. That being said, I have no more real excuses and I have a TONNE of things to review for you so prepared to be overloaded. 🙂


I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences with you on a cushion foundation that I was sent along with so many other full sized products by a company called Oxygen Ceuticals. They are a new and upcoming brand that focuses their products and treatment on Oxygen and the benefits of using it on ones skin. I urge you all to go and check them out on Instagram. They truly deserve all the love they can get. You can find several other reviews that I wrote for them on my blog as well.

I have long shown to be biased when it comes to cute packaging, so when I opened my box of goodies I immediately gravitated towards their O2 Cushion foundation. The compact is a light iridescent indigo. The packaging is sleek and looks costly, without the unnecessary bling of a Channel compact.

It opens up into a sleek white container. Here are the pictures side to side of my first refill and my brand new one:

I have had my fair share of experience with cushion foundation, and since it the most fitting foundation type for my lifestyle, since I apply my makeup on the bus (yes, it’s completely normal in Korean society) what annoyed me most is when I accidentally pushed too hard with the puffer into the sponge that contains the product, and actually end up with makeup all over my hands and nails and even under my nails, and that’s a pet peeve of mine, because it’s hard to get clean white nails after you’ve gotten foundation underneath them. The O2 Cushion was designed so that the puffer is bigger then the sponge that contains the product, which means you won’t ever get the product all over your fingers and under your nails. This is a big deal for me.

The puffer is also designed to very gently press the foundation into your skin. I have made cut through the centre of the old puffer so you can see how it is designed:

The little layer of material that isn’t connected to the sponge makes it so comfortable and effortless to apply the product.

This is the amount of coverage shown on my hand:

As you can tell, the foundation provides minimal coverage for freckles and blemishes at first glance, but what I have found is that it is buildable. I like the way the product sits on the skin without making it look cakey, and without being overly oily either.


Some of you know that I struggle with an autoimmune disorder that causes really bad dark circles and ill health in general. After spending a lovely month in South Africa and then returning to the freezing cold, highly polluted city of Seoul, I have not been doing great health wise, so to show you my bare face has actually taken some guts. I must say considering that I am not wearing primer, concealer, colour correctors of any form of photo manipulation, this foundation does a fantastic job at hiding my ever present dark circles. It also covers minor blemishes almost completely.

I am very impressed with this product as a whole. I’ve tried a couple of high end cushion foundations, but none have really impressed me half as much as this one. I can get away with applying no concealer which to me is a big deal. I used to have to apply a thick layer of salmon coloured base on my dark circles, smoothe that over concealer, apply the foundation, then apply a highlighter on top of that just to look half human.

That’s it from me. I will get my mojo back real soon and be back in a regular schedule with regards to my blogs.



My Mac Matte/ Retro Matte Lipstick Collection

Hello Ladies and Jellyspoons

I know it’s been a while. Between work, choir and studies I’ve really started neglecting you all and I just want to say I still love you all and I think of my blog every day, but I just wasn’t coping for a while.

I recently acquired another matte lipstick by Mac and decided to make a collective blog of all the matte finished lipsticks that I own by them. GUYS… I didn’t even know I had half the ones I have, because I was so busy with life and all its challenges that I always just grab the ones I know look great on me.

RETRO MATTE is what Ruby Woo is famous for. MAC describes it as “LONG-WEARING, FULL COVERAGE, COMPLETELY MATTE FINISH.” It’s an incredibly long lasting, super matte matte formula. It’s really dry and not creamy at all in application, so even though I haven’t followed my own advice on this, I’d recommend using a lip primer for this. If you don’t have a lip primer, make sure you’ve used a good sugar scrub before application, and apply chapstick the evening before you plan to wear it, and also chug down on that H2O, since no amount of chapstick is going to save you from dehydration.

Ruby Woo (retro matte) is one of Rihanna’s favourite lipsticks and she actually did a colab with them a few years back where she did her own version of the lipstick and called it Riri Woo. I didn’t want to get it because it was flying off the shelves and left some fans unable to get it because it was limited edition and in such high demand. It is also so similar to RubyWoo, which is a top seller and a permanent, that I just didn’t feel like I needed to get it. The point is, when Riri likes it, it’s probably worth the hype. And it really really is. It’s a perfect bright pin up red. Mac describes it as “Very matte vivid blue red.” 

All Fired Up (Retro Matte) is a beautiful matte fuchsia. It’s the same formula as Ruby Woo, so you know it’s good. I wore it yesterday and got many compliments including Korean men on the subway going: “wow! Hello!” which I off course ignored. Point is it’s universally flattering and it will get you turning a few heads. MAC describes it as a “Bright fuchsia matte.”

MATTE is just their regular matte formula, which seems to be the best selling and fan favourite. It’s much more creamy and easier to apply than Retro Matte, and definitely not as drying. I for one have more matte lipsticks from them than any other finish, so it’s definitely the case for me. Their best selling matte lipstick is the famous Russian Red. There is an ongoing debate on instagram and the rest of the interwebs about which is better between Russian Red and Ruby Woo. I’m the type of person who will say: You know what? I love red lipsticks so much, why not both?

Russian Red (Matte) is my very first Mac lipstick. I swore I wouldn’t get into buying Mac lipsticks because of the price here in Korea, but then I came across BACK TO MAC and I had 6 little empty eyeshadow containers after starting an eye shadow palette. This was back when Korea didn’t limit BACK TO MAC to a select few options, and when they still allowed you to choose whichever one you wanted. I initially wanted Angel which was made famous by Kim Kardashian, but they were sold out so I chose Russian Red instead. Guys and Girls, it is 4 years later. I have more than 20 Mac lipsticks and I still don’t have Angel and I don’t even regret that I got Russian Red instead because it’s every level of awesome. It’s more of a blood red matte than Ruby Woo, although they are said to be similar enough that you don’t need both. Two words to that: NO RAGRETS. 😉

Mac Red (Matte) This is the lipstick that will forever and a day remind me of Taylor Swift and her album called Red. The lipstick that she is wearing in the album photography is likely to be Mac Red, if anyone asked me It also leans more pink toned than Russian Red. Again: you don’t need all of these. I am just obsessed with having every red lipstick from Mac and I needed to get more from them when I was blogging for a company where I had to compare different lipsticks. Also, a girl can never have too many red lipsticks.

Mac Red (matte)

MAC Red to my surprise is one of the lesser (internationally) known red mattes, and in my opinion way under rated. It has the creamy texture of the matte but comes in a beautiful warm toned pin up red. It’s more ripe tomato red than Russian Red.

Pink Pigeon

I had to choose between the notorious Candy Yum Yum and Pink Pigeon. Since I was asked to write a dupe article for a pink Mac lipstick, I bought pink pigeon because it more closely matched the swatch of an Etude House lipstick that I own. I will write a dupe post forthrightly 🤓


Heroine is one of many purple lipsticks that have been on my wishlist for the longests time, but I never got down to buying it for years because I didn’t know if I’d have the guts to wear it, even though purple is my favourite colour. Well, I finally got my hands on it and I am not sad that I did. Not only because it is the perfect matte formula, but because it is the most rebellious and incongruent colour to wear on the lips, or so I thought before I got my hands on Matte Royal. I like how Heroine is a colour that can be associated with Manic Panic purple hair, and rock chicks. Singer and songwriter Lorde actually came out with her own version of Heroine as a collaboration with MAC. I was contemplating getting it and realised it’s too similar to the real Mccoy to really deserve to be in my collection.

Matte Royal

Remember what I said about Heroine being incongruous and rebellious? Well, I believe that just got outdone 😉 Matte Royal is the perfect example of royal blue. I wanted this one to wear as a fairy tale look, like the Snow Queen or Corpse Bride etc. I wouldn’t say this one is SFW (Safe for work) especially here in Korea where it’s virtually impossible to even get a purple lipstick, let alone a blue. I do however want to encourage you to wear whatever colour you want if that’s what you like. I’ve worn dark burgundy to work and been told I look like a vampire, and taken it a compliment and continued to wear it anyway because I can.

Sounds Like Noise (Limited Edition Paramore) 

Sounds Like Noise may be recognised by some of you as lyrics from a Hayley Williams (Paramore) song. That’s because it is.hayley-williams-gallery

Sounds Like Noise was created by her in collaboration with Mac. She also came out with the most beautiful eyeshadow called Daydreaming which I ended up buying three back up for because I liked it so much. I must say I have been using this lipstick as an under eye colour corrected, rather than a lipstick, because I just don’t know whether bright orange suits me. Maybe it’s a mindset or more like a mental block that I need to get over. Here in Korea many ladies have very white skin and black hair and they ROCK their orange tints and lipsticks in brighter hues than these so I really have no excuse.

Halsey (Limited Edition)

Halsey is another musician collaboration. 3be775fe_edit_img_facebook_post_image_file_40078829_1454697441hmdsqi-fbshare.jpg

I really liked the concept of wearing such an unnatural lipstick colour on the lips. I figured I have enough similar features to Halsey to pull it off, and I actually really like the way it look on me, with my blue black hair. I can’t tell you much about this musician since I am a bit too bookish lately to be catching up with music trends of the day. I do however think she is pretty and badd ass and her lipstick colour choice is exactly the amount of contrary that makes me go: I like that chick. She doesn’t play by the rules.

Viva Glam ARIANA GRANDE (Limited Edition)

Viva Glam is also a collaboration with celebrities and musicians, but it’s slightly different from the previous lipsticks I mentioned in that Viva Glam is a non profit organisation that funds AIDS research. Every single cent spent on a Viva Glam lipsticks goes to that fund, so MAC makes absolutely no proceeds from these. Ariana Grande happened to be the spokesperson for Viva Glam in 2016, so she got to collaborate with them and make two lipsticks that not only celebrates her on style, and thereby attracting her fans to purchase them and simultaneously donate to the AIDS fund, but she also helped create awareness, since she is such an influential person. They have had several people collaborate with them in the past including: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and many many more. They also have a permanent line of 5 lipsticks that you can purchase with the same goal, although they are not associated with any celebrity and these lipsticks won’t ever sell out or discontinue, whereas the yearly ones do, sadly.



Viva Glam I is one that I bought because I actually became obsessed with owning every single red lipstick that MAC has. They come out with new permanent collections so fast that I couldn’t keep up, but I was really happy to not only own the beauty, but to sponsor a great cause whilst doing so. I have other Viva Glam lipsticks, and I will have to write a long round up of the ones I have so far, but this is one of my all time favourites, because it’s in a matte formula.

That’s it from me, folks. I have so much to share with you that I’m literally not keeping up, but without giving away too many spoilers: I will be writing on the rest of my MAC lipsticks, formula by formula, and let you know what I think of each one.

Have a lovely Christmas Season



Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion Review

Hello Everyone.

I have promised to get down to this review for the longest time and it’s been a very long time since I’ve reviewed a cushion foundation for you, while I have a whole collection of them waiting to be reviewed. So as promised, here is my review of Peripera’s Inklasting Lavender Cushion that came out with their Pearly Night holiday collection.

There are two different cases for these. The one is pink with pink floating stars glitter, and the one I got is lavender purple with matching floating glitter.

This is what it looks like:

I convinced that the makeup is exactly the same as the ones they’ve always had, but the cases are special. So although this is called the Inklasting Lavender, I believe it’s just the case that gives it the Lavender name.

Peripera is a highly successful brand when it comes to tints. I believe that not only because I’m obsessed with their tints myself, but because I get a significant amount more views on my site when reviewing their products than I do for reviewing any other brand. Not kidding. I was flabbergasted! So I figured even though I haven’t read or heard anything about their cushion foundation being above average, I trusted that it would be just based on the success of the brand. And let’s face it: I got caught by the packaging.

This is what the container looks like when opened:

Yes, my cushion sponge is dirty. Because I couldn’t wait to take pictures before digging into it. I’m sorry 🙈

The product looks quite brown in the container, which scared me a bit, because I’m very fair, and I feared that it might be too dark. Here are the swatches on my hands:



One can see the freckles on my hands are still there. The blueness is the veins are still showing. KT didn’t look super impressive until I tried it on.



I had used this product without any concealer, pimple plaster, primer or anything whatsoever because I wanted you to see how much it really covers.

I felt like it did a great job at covering my blemishes, and my severe dark circles from chronic illness are significantly lighter after application. The product isn’t heavy or oily in any way, so if you’re looking for full coverage I’d recommend something heavier. My face feels breathable (if that even makes sense) and to me the coverage and over all performance of the foundation is satisfactory. The colour is also much fairer on the skin than in the container so my fears of it being too dark was unnecessary.

I really like this foundation, and not just because of the awesome packaging! I will definitely be buying refills.

That’s it’s from me. Till next time!