Oxygen Ceuticals Moisture Aqua Serum and Fermented Fluid Review

Hello Everyone

I’m back with another Oxygen Ceuticals review for you, as promised. Today I’ll be talking about step three and four of my daily routine using Oxygen Ceuticals products exclusively.

I have recently been approached and asked whether I’d willing to test and review some of their products, but you all know me to always deliver 100% honestly reviews on all products, whether they are sponsored or not.

First off, here are the products that I’ll be talking about:

Ferment Fluid on the left and Moisture Aqua Serum on the right. I have decided to review them together because they work together. Both products absorb best when mixed together and applied at the same time.

I’m going to start off by speaking about Ferment Fluid.

I wanted to show you just how beautiful the colour of this product is, and while my photo’s didn’t do it justice, I wanted to show you their picture of it.

The site says that the products contains fructan fermented extract that helps with brightening and moisturizing the skin. Here are some of the other key ingredients:

Here is the ingredient list:

I was scared initially because my skin can get quite oily, and I didn’t want to put anything on that could potentially cause too much sebum build up and leading to having breakouts or blocked pores. I must say I am pleasantly surprised that even though this products is an oil, it didn’t break me out so far (and I’ve been using for over a month) and considering that I’m applying several other creams on my face after this step, it is quite impressive! The oil works absolute wonders in keeping my skin hydrated through the dry, subzero Korean winter and it also does a great job at protecting the skin from pollution, dust and free radicals.

Here is a picture of all the different options you get:

I used Ferment Fluid during the day and its friend Axel-300 Fluid at night. (I will write a separate review for it)

Something that really impressed me with these products is not only the beautiful colors and the high quality of the products, the brand delivering on their promises, and the overall satisfaction, but the packaging. Don’t get me started!

These bottles are designed with glass droppers in the lids, so that when you open the container, the dropper automatically sucks up just the right amount of oil. The top of the bottle then acts as a button that you press to release the oil. So if you are like me who generally has a heavy hand and always uses more product than is needed, this little mechanism is absolute perfection, and it really does make the product just that much more classy and worth the price tag!

This is what the product looks like and the exact amount measured out automatically with the awesome dropper system:

Moisture Aqua Serum is a great Serum for if you don’t have super dry skin, as it’s got just the right texture, not too watery, not too oily, and it absorbs into the skin really fast. I believe that is why they recommend that one uses it together with the Fluid of your choice. Honestly you can choose from a range of different serums on their site as well, to find the perfect combination for you skincare needs.

Here is what the serum looks like:

Here are the instructions and ingredient list:

And this is what my face looks like after application:

I have some scars from pimples on my cheek that are significantly lighter than it used to be, and I’m suffering from a cold so my nose is red and the area around has dried patches, but the products really helped to moisturize my skin and clear up those problems. Neither the serum nor the fluid left an oily residue on my face. In fact my skin feels really beautifully mattified and clear. You can tell that the skin on my forehead is clear and the pores and wrinkles aren’t super visible.

I am overall extremely happy with the results of these products and I am looking forward to the sharing my thoughts on the rest of the products I’ve been asked to review.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below.




My Mac Matte/ Retro Matte Lipstick Collection

Hello Ladies and Jellyspoons

I know it’s been a while. Between work, choir and studies I’ve really started neglecting you all and I just want to say I still love you all and I think of my blog every day, but I just wasn’t coping for a while.

I recently acquired another matte lipstick by Mac and decided to make a collective blog of all the matte finished lipsticks that I own by them. GUYS… I didn’t even know I had half the ones I have, because I was so busy with life and all its challenges that I always just grab the ones I know look great on me.

RETRO MATTE is what Ruby Woo is famous for. MAC describes it as “LONG-WEARING, FULL COVERAGE, COMPLETELY MATTE FINISH.” It’s an incredibly long lasting, super matte matte formula. It’s really dry and not creamy at all in application, so even though I haven’t followed my own advice on this, I’d recommend using a lip primer for this. If you don’t have a lip primer, make sure you’ve used a good sugar scrub before application, and apply chapstick the evening before you plan to wear it, and also chug down on that H2O, since no amount of chapstick is going to save you from dehydration.

Ruby Woo (retro matte) is one of Rihanna’s favourite lipsticks and she actually did a colab with them a few years back where she did her own version of the lipstick and called it Riri Woo. I didn’t want to get it because it was flying off the shelves and left some fans unable to get it because it was limited edition and in such high demand. It is also so similar to RubyWoo, which is a top seller and a permanent, that I just didn’t feel like I needed to get it. The point is, when Riri likes it, it’s probably worth the hype. And it really really is. It’s a perfect bright pin up red. Mac describes it as “Very matte vivid blue red.” 

All Fired Up (Retro Matte) is a beautiful matte fuchsia. It’s the same formula as Ruby Woo, so you know it’s good. I wore it yesterday and got many compliments including Korean men on the subway going: “wow! Hello!” which I off course ignored. Point is it’s universally flattering and it will get you turning a few heads. MAC describes it as a “Bright fuchsia matte.”

MATTE is just their regular matte formula, which seems to be the best selling and fan favourite. It’s much more creamy and easier to apply than Retro Matte, and definitely not as drying. I for one have more matte lipsticks from them than any other finish, so it’s definitely the case for me. Their best selling matte lipstick is the famous Russian Red. There is an ongoing debate on instagram and the rest of the interwebs about which is better between Russian Red and Ruby Woo. I’m the type of person who will say: You know what? I love red lipsticks so much, why not both?

Russian Red (Matte) is my very first Mac lipstick. I swore I wouldn’t get into buying Mac lipsticks because of the price here in Korea, but then I came across BACK TO MAC and I had 6 little empty eyeshadow containers after starting an eye shadow palette. This was back when Korea didn’t limit BACK TO MAC to a select few options, and when they still allowed you to choose whichever one you wanted. I initially wanted Angel which was made famous by Kim Kardashian, but they were sold out so I chose Russian Red instead. Guys and Girls, it is 4 years later. I have more than 20 Mac lipsticks and I still don’t have Angel and I don’t even regret that I got Russian Red instead because it’s every level of awesome. It’s more of a blood red matte than Ruby Woo, although they are said to be similar enough that you don’t need both. Two words to that: NO RAGRETS. 😉

Mac Red (Matte) This is the lipstick that will forever and a day remind me of Taylor Swift and her album called Red. The lipstick that she is wearing in the album photography is likely to be Mac Red, if anyone asked me It also leans more pink toned than Russian Red. Again: you don’t need all of these. I am just obsessed with having every red lipstick from Mac and I needed to get more from them when I was blogging for a company where I had to compare different lipsticks. Also, a girl can never have too many red lipsticks.

Mac Red (matte)

MAC Red to my surprise is one of the lesser (internationally) known red mattes, and in my opinion way under rated. It has the creamy texture of the matte but comes in a beautiful warm toned pin up red. It’s more ripe tomato red than Russian Red.

Pink Pigeon

I had to choose between the notorious Candy Yum Yum and Pink Pigeon. Since I was asked to write a dupe article for a pink Mac lipstick, I bought pink pigeon because it more closely matched the swatch of an Etude House lipstick that I own. I will write a dupe post forthrightly 🤓


Heroine is one of many purple lipsticks that have been on my wishlist for the longests time, but I never got down to buying it for years because I didn’t know if I’d have the guts to wear it, even though purple is my favourite colour. Well, I finally got my hands on it and I am not sad that I did. Not only because it is the perfect matte formula, but because it is the most rebellious and incongruent colour to wear on the lips, or so I thought before I got my hands on Matte Royal. I like how Heroine is a colour that can be associated with Manic Panic purple hair, and rock chicks. Singer and songwriter Lorde actually came out with her own version of Heroine as a collaboration with MAC. I was contemplating getting it and realised it’s too similar to the real Mccoy to really deserve to be in my collection.

Matte Royal

Remember what I said about Heroine being incongruous and rebellious? Well, I believe that just got outdone 😉 Matte Royal is the perfect example of royal blue. I wanted this one to wear as a fairy tale look, like the Snow Queen or Corpse Bride etc. I wouldn’t say this one is SFW (Safe for work) especially here in Korea where it’s virtually impossible to even get a purple lipstick, let alone a blue. I do however want to encourage you to wear whatever colour you want if that’s what you like. I’ve worn dark burgundy to work and been told I look like a vampire, and taken it a compliment and continued to wear it anyway because I can.

Sounds Like Noise (Limited Edition Paramore) 

Sounds Like Noise may be recognised by some of you as lyrics from a Hayley Williams (Paramore) song. That’s because it is.hayley-williams-gallery

Sounds Like Noise was created by her in collaboration with Mac. She also came out with the most beautiful eyeshadow called Daydreaming which I ended up buying three back up for because I liked it so much. I must say I have been using this lipstick as an under eye colour corrected, rather than a lipstick, because I just don’t know whether bright orange suits me. Maybe it’s a mindset or more like a mental block that I need to get over. Here in Korea many ladies have very white skin and black hair and they ROCK their orange tints and lipsticks in brighter hues than these so I really have no excuse.

Halsey (Limited Edition)

Halsey is another musician collaboration. 3be775fe_edit_img_facebook_post_image_file_40078829_1454697441hmdsqi-fbshare.jpg

I really liked the concept of wearing such an unnatural lipstick colour on the lips. I figured I have enough similar features to Halsey to pull it off, and I actually really like the way it look on me, with my blue black hair. I can’t tell you much about this musician since I am a bit too bookish lately to be catching up with music trends of the day. I do however think she is pretty and badd ass and her lipstick colour choice is exactly the amount of contrary that makes me go: I like that chick. She doesn’t play by the rules.

Viva Glam ARIANA GRANDE (Limited Edition)

Viva Glam is also a collaboration with celebrities and musicians, but it’s slightly different from the previous lipsticks I mentioned in that Viva Glam is a non profit organisation that funds AIDS research. Every single cent spent on a Viva Glam lipsticks goes to that fund, so MAC makes absolutely no proceeds from these. Ariana Grande happened to be the spokesperson for Viva Glam in 2016, so she got to collaborate with them and make two lipsticks that not only celebrates her on style, and thereby attracting her fans to purchase them and simultaneously donate to the AIDS fund, but she also helped create awareness, since she is such an influential person. They have had several people collaborate with them in the past including: Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and many many more. They also have a permanent line of 5 lipsticks that you can purchase with the same goal, although they are not associated with any celebrity and these lipsticks won’t ever sell out or discontinue, whereas the yearly ones do, sadly.



Viva Glam I is one that I bought because I actually became obsessed with owning every single red lipstick that MAC has. They come out with new permanent collections so fast that I couldn’t keep up, but I was really happy to not only own the beauty, but to sponsor a great cause whilst doing so. I have other Viva Glam lipsticks, and I will have to write a long round up of the ones I have so far, but this is one of my all time favourites, because it’s in a matte formula.

That’s it from me, folks. I have so much to share with you that I’m literally not keeping up, but without giving away too many spoilers: I will be writing on the rest of my MAC lipsticks, formula by formula, and let you know what I think of each one.

Have a lovely Christmas Season



Peripera Inklasting Lavender Cushion Review

Hello Everyone.

I have promised to get down to this review for the longest time and it’s been a very long time since I’ve reviewed a cushion foundation for you, while I have a whole collection of them waiting to be reviewed. So as promised, here is my review of Peripera’s Inklasting Lavender Cushion that came out with their Pearly Night holiday collection.

There are two different cases for these. The one is pink with pink floating stars glitter, and the one I got is lavender purple with matching floating glitter.

This is what it looks like:

I convinced that the makeup is exactly the same as the ones they’ve always had, but the cases are special. So although this is called the Inklasting Lavender, I believe it’s just the case that gives it the Lavender name.

Peripera is a highly successful brand when it comes to tints. I believe that not only because I’m obsessed with their tints myself, but because I get a significant amount more views on my site when reviewing their products than I do for reviewing any other brand. Not kidding. I was flabbergasted! So I figured even though I haven’t read or heard anything about their cushion foundation being above average, I trusted that it would be just based on the success of the brand. And let’s face it: I got caught by the packaging.

This is what the container looks like when opened:

Yes, my cushion sponge is dirty. Because I couldn’t wait to take pictures before digging into it. I’m sorry 🙈

The product looks quite brown in the container, which scared me a bit, because I’m very fair, and I feared that it might be too dark. Here are the swatches on my hands:



One can see the freckles on my hands are still there. The blueness is the veins are still showing. KT didn’t look super impressive until I tried it on.



I had used this product without any concealer, pimple plaster, primer or anything whatsoever because I wanted you to see how much it really covers.

I felt like it did a great job at covering my blemishes, and my severe dark circles from chronic illness are significantly lighter after application. The product isn’t heavy or oily in any way, so if you’re looking for full coverage I’d recommend something heavier. My face feels breathable (if that even makes sense) and to me the coverage and over all performance of the foundation is satisfactory. The colour is also much fairer on the skin than in the container so my fears of it being too dark was unnecessary.

I really like this foundation, and not just because of the awesome packaging! I will definitely be buying refills.

That’s it’s from me. Till next time!



Lime Crime Metallic Velvetines Review

Metallic Banner_1920x400

Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

If you follow me on instagram you will know that I have lately become quite obsessed with Lime Crime as a brand in its entirety. I use their Pony hair colour to dye the bleached section of my hair purple, and I’ve been obsessing over their Velvetines liquid lipsticks ever since I bought my first one. I will definitely be adding to this review since I really want all of colours they have, but I will only be covering my collection of their Metallic Velvetines today, or else this blog will get really long.  Lime Crime is an independant Vegan and cruelty free makeup  brand. In the dog eat dog world of the makeup industry, it’s really hard to find brands that are truly vegan and cruelty free, since a lot of brands make false claims about their products. I am happy to say that Lime Crime is legitimately what they claim to be. So if you’re done with contributing to the abuse and exploitation of animals, this is the brand for you.

Red Hot was one of the first ones I got along with some of their Matte Velvetines and one of their Perlees lipsticks. I can tell just from searching it on Instagram that it is massively popular and it stands to reason. It is a metallic pin up red, and some of you may know that the metallic lipstick trend that our mothers used to wear is all the rage again, and I couldn’t be happier. I actually had to put off reviewing this lipstick because I wore it to death, and one of my students stole it from my desk at school. I know who she is, because she has recently stopped greeting me and I have seen that one of a kind red sheen on her lips all too often ever since. I had to actually reorder it and then that order got stolen in the mail and Lime Crime actually sent me another order as compensation. So after all that, I finally have my baby back and I am wearing it to death all over again.

Eclipse was given to me for free when I made an order through their site in August during the all American eclipse. I originally wanted Raisin Hell which I believe to be a more deep plum as compared to Eclipse’s burgundy. It looks quite vampy on my almost wall paint white skin, but I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, and so many inquiries as to where I bought it, that I know it’s a hit even on me.

Posh was just a straight up must have for me since I have an obsession with all things violet or deep purple. It’s not to say that it’s the most flattering colour on me, but I feel like I can full off much more with my blue black hair than I used to when I was a cherry blonde.

Mermaid’s Grotto I just had to get because I’ve been dying to do a Snow Queen (Not Elsa, but Narnia or Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen) look for the longest time, and I thought it would be the perfect lipstick for it. Wait for it 😉 I’ll put pictures up on Instagram once I do the look. I am also a mermaid by heart so the mermaid theme of this lipstick and the rest of the collection really appeals to me.


This is another special addition Ans or came out with two other colours:  Blue Flame and Nightshade. Serpentia was a best selling lipstick in the nineties, but had been discontinued ever since and people have been begging them to bring it back. They did off course bring it back but in liquid form, and for a limited time only. Serpentia is a metallic bottle green with find gold shimmer. It might not be the most conventional colour, but there are many folks like myself who see makeup as an artistic expression, and don’t always go for the regular lipstick shades.

There you have it folks. I will most likely be updating this blog in the near future since they currently have an 85% sale and I have a discount code card.

For more information, click on Lime Crime. Also let me know if there are any of their products you’d like for me to review.



Etude House Be My Universe Pinky Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hello Ladies and Jellyspoons

Today I’m going to reviewing one of my favourite Christmas collaborations by Etude House called Be My Universe. Be My Universe is a stunningly beautiful space themed special edition Christmas collection, featuring 5 lipsticks,  2 eyeshadow palettes, and 2 hand creams,  I already reviewed the three of the five lipsticks that I bought from this collection here, and today I will be reviewing one of their eye shadow palettes called Pink Galaxy.

Pink Galaxy is one of two beautiful eye shadow palettes. I will probably get the other soon as well, but this one appealed to me the most as the colours seemed to be best suited for green or blue eyes, or blue-green eyes, like myself.

Firstly, this is the packaging:


I’ve been carrying this palette in my bag for the last week or two (however long I’ve had it) and I’ve been carrying it in the box to keep it from being damaged. I absolutely love the iridescence and the little stars that is on everything.

This is what the palette looks like unboxed:


Once you open it, you’ll see this amazing little clear plastic cover with stars on it. (I saw this on the website and thought it was photoshopped onto the eyeshadows.)


Now for the best part. You can probably tell that he blusher has a Saturn imprinted in the powder, and yes, it’s awesome!


They named the shadows in Korean and I thought it would be fun to translate them.


I’m going to start at the top:

Here are the swatches:


안드로메다 Andromeda:


This is probably the most unique colour in the palette. It’s dark taupey black with red undertones and shimmer. I’ve used this as a brow filler in a push comes to shove situation when I realised at a choir performance that my brow pencil ran out. I thought it was going to be disastrous but I ended up getting a lot of compliments on it so I might continue using it for that. It’s also perfect for the smokey eyed look.

문라이트 Moonlight:


This colour is a disaster. As yo can see in the swatch, it does not even show up. It’s one of those colours that you can use to add shimmer to a look as an afterthought. I have used it as an inner corner colour and it wasn’t terrible, but it was quite powdery and required a lot of work to actually make it show up at all.

머큐리 Mercury:


Mercury reminds me of Vanilla by MAC, although I can make swatches because I’ve run out of mine, as it used to be my go to brow bone highlighter. With that being said, this is perfect for fair skinned folks to use as a brow bone highlighter.

비너스 Venus:


Venus is one of those colours that I know I should use more but just never reach for. It remind of those longs lists of must have colours for blue eyed girls. The ones where I pick out the shimmery ones and never get the matte ones. I can use this in the crease or as a bronzer or contour colour, but it cal also be used for people with olive skin tones as a brow bone highlight.

레드웜홀 Red Wormhole:


This is definitely in my top two if not my favourite colour in this palette. I must admit it’s not because it’s the most unique colour. It’s actually quite comparable to MAC Cranberry. But it’s so so beautiful and the colour payoff is fantastic.

Here is a picture comparing the two: (Cranberry at the top and Red Wormhole at the bottom)


Cranberry is ever so slightly more pink, but it’s close enough in my opinion. Etude House hasn’t always had the best reputation at creating good eyeshadows but this to me is proof that they’ve really upped their game.

타임워프 Timewarp:


Timewarp is also a unique colour and the colour payoff isn’t too rotten. At first glance it reminded me of Satin Taupe by MAC but it’s browner and less purple, but it does wear quite pink. Not pink pink but like rose gold.

핑크플래닛 Pink Planet:


Pink Planet is much more peachy in real life than it shows up in the picture. It’s a beautiful satin finished blush but could also be used as an eyeshadow. It’s the type of blush that works well on fairer people so it’s definitely not an all inclusive colour.

I definitely feel like this is worth the investment despite the underwhelment of Moonlight. The products are definitely better than what I expected. I’m going to try my best to get my hands on the other palettes, but I never care much for hand creams that come in collaborations like these.

Have a lovely weekend! Until next time



Oxygen Ceuticals Toning Gel Review

oxygen-ceuticalsHello Everyone

I’m back with another Oxygen Ceuticals review for you. Today I’ll be reviewing their Toning Gel, which is their 2nd step in a 10-11 step regime. I posted a review on their Purifying Foam Wash this week. (Click on the blue words to open the link.)

Oxygen Ceuticals is a Korean skin brand that provides facials, skincare treatments, infrared, lifts, scalp treatments, scar treatments, burn healing treatments etc. They use oxygen in all of their procedures, and not only do they use state of the art equipment, they have also created extremely successful skincare products that can be used as aftercare treatments or regular skincare regimes for people who want to take the best possible care of their skin. Here is the article that I wrote about my experience. Some of you may know that I’ve been asked to review some of their products, so although this is a sponsored blog, I want you to know that I will always give my 100% honest opinions.

This is what the product look like:

And the back:

Their packaging are all pretty generic but they come in different shapes and sizes. This particular tube is slightly skinnier than the facial wash. I like how their shapes and sizes are all a bit different so that it doesn’t get too daunting when you have several of them that look similar.

After washing your face with the facial wash of your choice, apply a pea sized amount of the gel to your hands and spread it evenly across the face. I personally focused on the areas on and around the nose, and the forehead, as these are the areas with the most visible pores.

This is what a product looks like:

It’s quite a water gel, but not super watery. It’s really the consistency that I like, because if it’s too thick then it’s too oily and if it’s too watery then it just runs out too fast.

All of these products have a lovely smell.

Here is a list of the ingredients. As you can tell there are many ingredients that are known to be beneficial for the skin.

I will be posting more pictures of my face in a week or two since I just posted one in my previous Oxygen Ceuticals review, and off course I’m using the products at the same time so the results are an accumulation of not just one product, but all of the ones I listed. Although I am confident that they will perform well on their own, or mixed into your favourite daily routine. 

I have honestly never used high end Korean products, but the results of these on my skin have been noticeable after only 3 days. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to manage going back to my regular routine when these run out. 

That’s it for me. Till probably tomorrow, since I have so much to share with you. 



Oxygen Ceuticals Purifying Foaming Wash

oxygen-ceuticalsHello Everyone

Some of  you are aware that I have been approached by Oxygen Ceuticals and asked whether I’d be willing to review some of their products on my blog. I agreed and ended up receiving a box with 11 full sized products. In my previous articles I shared my experience in receiving and extensive facial from them at the KBeauty Expo in South Korea. I also wrote an article about the products I received and the step by step instructions as to how to use them. In that article I promised you step by step reviews of these products, and here I am. I will be reviewing the step one in my skincare routine.

They have several different facial washes but the one they sent me is called the Purifying Foaming Wash and it is targeted for people who either just underwent procedures on their face or for people with sensitive skin. I love how this company not only provides facials, scar healing treatments, infrared treatments and many more, but they provide an extensive range of products to use after these procedures, or for people like me who have fairly problem free skin, but want to take care of it either way.

This is what the product looks like:


And here is that back:


It claims to gently remove impurities without making your skin feel tight and stretched like when you use a really drying cleanser. I can vouch for it gently cleansing my skin, and although it does an incredibly thorough job at cleansing, my skin doesn’t feel dry or too tight after using it. I suffer from blackheads on the nose and textured, clogged pores next to nose. I was worried that I need something with microgranules to help scrub away impurities, but with having a fairly sensitive skin I also didn’t want something that would leave me red and broken out, because that defeats the purpose.



I was surprised that the product is actually so light and although it does froth up bubbles, it is not extremely foamy like cheap over the counter facial washes that contain Lauryl Sulphate and other horrible cancer causing chemicals. Oxygen Ceuticals as a whole uses safe chemicals and natural ingredients and elements to balance the pH of the skin and stimulate natural regrowth with the use of oxygen.

This is what the products looks like:


Can you see the little bubbles. I’m assuming that’s what they meant with “Bubble-rich pH 0.5 cleanser” because it is not the foamiest product once it’s massaged onto the skin.


This is what I looked like after just 3 days of using these products. Don’t let the dark circles scare you. I am anemic and suffer from Coeliac disease, and I assure you no cream will make my dark circles lighter 😉 but a strong concealer can hide it.


My skin is completely clear, aside from the little reoccurring blemish on my chin that was at this stage busy healing. My skin is cleared, my pores are much smaller and smoothed over, and even the omnipresent blackheads on my nose have disappeared.

I am overall extremely pleased with this facial wash and will have to repurchase the big bottle once this one runs out.  I will be reviewing the rest of the products in step by step sequence over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that. For more information on these products and where to get them, please visit the site at Oxygen Ceuticals.

That’s it from me, till next time.