Oxygen Ceuticals Facial Treatment (My experience)


Hello Everyone

Some of you may know that there was a Korean beauty expo this month at Kintex. I was never able to go to any in the past, but this time with choir and work I was able to go on Sunday morning, but just for a couple of hours. I just wanted to network with companies so I can test their products. I ended up walking away with massive bags filled with samples and masks, some feminine hygiene products and more. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy anything because they on accepted cash, and I only had my debit card with me.

My very first experience there is with a company called Oxygen Ceuticals. A girl at the booth approached me with some samples and started small talk. I briefly mentioned to her that I am a blogger and that I can review some of their products for them if she were interested. She then said: Oh, yes, we are looking for someone to work with. They then asked me whether I’d be willing to have them perform a skin care treatment for me, and off course, I was game.

They made me lie down on a bed and then proceeded to cover my hair with a towel and remove my makeup. I was a bit concerned about that because I was representing my blog and didn’t want to look like I survived a zombie apocalypse, but they assured me that they’d put some BB cream on afterwards, so it wasn’t a problem. After the makeup removal they messaged a serum into my skin. I don’t know if was perhaps to get rid of the excess makeup.


​The first step of the actual treatment was an application of a foam like cream. They massaged this into my face, after placing cotton swabs over my eyes.

In between sessions they would wipe my face clean with pink egg shaped sponges. They then used a tool that looks like a massive injection. They used it to blow oxygen all over my face. There was a young lady who kindly explained to me what they were doing and telling me to remain calm, but that the oxygen would be really cold. Honestly, it felt amazing. The lady started off by doing only one half of my face and then the other to show me the firm and lifting effects of the oxygen.

After that they placed these little light blocking sunglasses over my eyes and told me not to be alarmed. They then proceeded to place a massive mask over my face and continued to explain that this was infrared light and that I shouldn’t open my eyes. It looks scarier in the photos that it felt to me, but I suppose it can be scary if you suffer from claustrophobia, which luckily I don’t.

Here are the

They then painted a coat of cream onto my skin. I mean literally painted it on with a brush, which I thought was pretty cool actually.  They then cover my eyes with cotton pads, and placed gauze over my face. You can already tell that my skin looks really healthy and in a good condition. It wasn’t in a super bad state to begin with but I could definitely tell my skin felt tighter and looked cleaner with less visible pores.


They used the infra red light on my skin because I don’t have a problem skin at all. Here are some of the options you have though:





And here is the final step where they started packing a rather heavy yogurt like substance onto the gauze. I was so sleepy at this point, I didn’t want them to wake me up. haha.

Here are the last images during and after the gauze and white paste was removed.

Here are some of the pictures I took from the brochure:

Here is their more technical explanation of how their equipment and products work and why they are successful.

This is an example of a patient with severe burning and an explanation as to why their products and treatments work.


And this is the machine they use.

My thoughts:

I’ve always had the idea that oxygen is good for you internally and externally. These products worked on me, as I am sure they will on you. Don’t worry if your skin is not in a great condition. They will do an evaluation of your skin and they will be able to establish exactly which treatments and products are best for your individual needs.

I highly recommend this to anyone who has acne, scarring, severe burning, or someone like me who just wants to take proper care of their skin.

I have also been gifted a stash of cream and sunscreen samples to try for you. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Till next time, from a chilly Seoul.



Tips on blogging (For Sahmyook Students)

Tips for blogging: 
Choose a catchy name that people will remember. The name cannot be changed once it’s chosen so choose wisely. 

Describe what your blog will be about in the about section. Tell the readers a little about yourself, but not enough to bore them. For example: no one wants to know which university you’re studying at or where you graduated from high school. They want to know what you studied and why you chose to blog about this topic. This is because your audience will be all over the world. 

Follow other people with similar blogs to your own, even if they have thousands of followers. Comment on their blogs and comment on other people’s comments on their blogs. The key is NETWORKING. Also follow hashtags of things that you are interested in. 
SEO: (Search Engine Optimisation)
How to make your blog articles the first on the list of searches on Google for example, be ahead of the game. If you are blogging on books, be the first to read a book and write about it. If you blog on computer games, be the first to write a review on a new game or a new software update. If you’re blogging on products, make sure you are the first person to write a review about it. That way you blog will be at the top of the list when someone searches the topic on big search engines. This will automatically bring more traffic to your blog site. 

Always always always use hashtags that relate to your blog article. On Instagram it is totally fine to use hashtags like: boyandgirl, love, followforfollow etc BUT on WordPress you should only use hashtags that are related to what you have written about, because that will make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for and potentially follow your blog. Never use more than 7 or 8 hashtags either. Too many hashtags will make your blog look desperate, and your blog won’t be published on the home page of WordPress if it’s messy with an overkill of hashtags. 

Use visuals on your blogs. I prefer to use my own photographs since I blog about makeup. I have for over a year now been watermarking my own images so it can’t be used by other people without people seeing my blog name on it. It’s almost like advertising without payment. In order for other people to want to use your photographs, they have to be really good shots. So make sure you use an attractive backdrop, natural light and camera that is focused, with a clean lens. 

I also like to use GIFS. There are so many hilarious ones on the net, and free to use by anyone. However if you use someone else’s photographs, you have to source them. That’s a standard unspoken rule. 
When I first started blogging I had to learn how to use coding to change the colour of my font. Nowadays you can do that with the click of a button. (But coding is never a waste of time either) 

When writing a blog, one must always keep in mind that your audience is a group of multiracial, multi religious, multi ethnical people. Refrain from making any derogatory statements toward race, gender, religion, diet, or political views. In short: keep your own controversial opinions to yourself, unless off course you want to start a debate or potentially an argument on the net. Even if you feel a strong bias or hate towards any group of people, don’t show it. It won’t make you look good. 


If you don’t feel confident enough to write in English and post your blog without someone else proof reading it first, I would suggest get a friend or someone who is confident in English to proofread and edit your articles. Bad grammar is the first thing that will put readers off from reading your blogs. 

Also don’t just google translate your Korean text into English. It will most likely not make any sense. 

There you have it. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section. 

Amanda Koker

Lime Crime Velvetines

Velvetines Banner_1920x400.jpgDear Ladies and Jellyspoons

Today I will be talking about a brand that I’ve never tried or reviewed before, although it has always been on my wishlist. Lime Crime is a brand that is complete vegan and cruelty free. It’s similar to Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in some ways, but it is very unique in other ways. 

The one thing that struck me from the get go is their packaging. Their Velvetines, which are liquid lipsticks, come in the most beautiful glass vials with red tops covered in roses. Not only do they pay attention to detail with their packaging, but when you order anything from them, it comes in the most beautiful little boxes. 


They really pay attention to detail. The little rock rose theme on the outsides of the boxes is repeated on the packaging of the actual products. The liquid lipsticks come in frosty glass veils with red tops that are covered in tiny little roses.


From left to right they are: Eclipse, Posh, and Jinx. Here are the swatches on my arm:


As you can probably tell, the top to ones are metallic and the bottom one is matte. I have more of them coming in the post, so I’ll be making separate collective reviews of all of them soon, along with another line called Perleez.



This beauty was given to me as a gift during the North American solar eclipse. I ordered some of their colourful hair dye and this was given to me as a promotion. I have to say that Lime Crime is very good at giving lipsticks away for free with purchases, and I really appreciate their willingness to give back to their fans. Not many companies are willing to do this. 

Eclipse is a deep metallic wine red, perfect for autumn. I have gotten tons of compliments on it, and it really goes well with all skintones. This one lasted a good 3-4 hours on me and only started smudging in the middle, more damp parts of my lips.



Posh is a deep metallic halloween violet. I’m not the type who’ll celebrate halloween at all, but violet is on my of my top three favourite colours and since I just dyed parts of my hair purple, I wanted something to match. This one is consistent in colour payoff and longevity of Eclipse. I find them to be pretty consistent throughout the range. I had Red Hot as well, and it was my absolute favourite, but it got stolen off my desk at work. 



Jinx was one colour that didn’t really look the way the site portrayed it. It definitely looked more deep purple, than a muddy mauvy grey. At first I was disappointed but the colour has grown on me ever since, and the great thing is I can always mix up some colours to make it more purple. I will do some separate blogs on that in the future as well. This one, being matte, was a bit harder for me to get even application, especially on the upper lip. I’d imagine that it takes some getting used to and knowing just how much to apply at a time, as applying too much might just be the reason for my struggle. 

I forgot to mention that all of the Velvetines come with a doe foot applicator. Here are the links for the rest of the Metallics and the Matte ranges, if you’re interested in a purchase. 

I don’t find them to be super drying, but I would recommend, as I do with any liquid lipstick, that you clear your lips of any dry patches by using a good old sugar scrub. The nature of a liquid lipstick is that it will seep into the crack and creases and emphasise any dry patches, so with the awesome long wear of these liquid lipsticks, comes that one downfall. It’s still totally worth it though. I know a lot of people would not want to rock deep purples or dark chocolate browns, but luckily the brand has a huge variety of different colours in matte and metallic to choose from. 

That’s it from me, till my next order arrives. 





Kailijumei Barbie Doll Powder Review


Hello Ladies and Jellyspoons

Today I have a totally different product to review for you. It’s the famous Hong Kong branded lipstick by Kailijumei. These lipsticks come in classy red casings which operate the same as the Channel lipsticks in that you click it to open. It also comes with a little mirror attached to the side of the bullet. The lipstick product itself is what sells this brand in the it comes in a clear jelly like formula and it contains a tiny little flower and flakes of real 14k gold inside it. The clear product gives the lipstick a glass like appearance and it reminds me a lot of the forbidden rose in the west wing of The Beast’s castles in Beauty and the Beast.

One of my students at my former workplace gifted me one for teacher’s day and I was ecstatic about it, since they are not currently available in Korea as far as I am aware, and they’ve always had me intrigued. I got Barbie Doll Pink. This is what the product looks like in the casing:


I really appreciate the slick design and the click to open function.

Here are some pictures that won’t really do the lipstick justice, because one really has to see it to fully take in its beauty:


The product works the same way those dollar store lipsticks work in that it is heat activated and changes colour on the lips, but these are designed to have the same colour on everyone, and doesn’t change according to one’s mood. It also applies like a gloss but dries out like a tint and the colour takes a bit of time to develop on your lips.

This is what it looked like when I first applied it:


It’s quite glossy and the distribution isn’t as even as I would’ve liked.

Here is an image taken 20 minutes after application:


The picture doesn’t really show the colour correctly and I’m struggling to get the right lighting in this monsoon weather, but I’d definitely say that the pictures on the net could be deceiving. It for sure didn’t come out as pink as I thought it would. I’d imagine it would look slightly different depending on the natural colour of your lips.

Would I repurchase? Yes, I’d like to try some of the other colours of which there are many. I would just like to add that these lipsticks have a vile jelly candle taste to them. I can’t even rightly describe it. It’s not as sweet as glycerine, but it has a similar franck taste to  it.

Overall I’d say it’s a fun product to try out and it’s definitely as beautiful as they claim if not more. As a lipstick in and of itself, without all the hoopla of the colour changing and the clear product, it leaves a lot to be desired.

That’s it from me, form a rainy Seoul.




Tony Moly Pikachu Eye Shadow Palette


Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

So some of you might have heard by now that Tony Moly came out with a rather extensive range of Pokémon themed cosmetics ever since Pokémon Go became all the rage. I promised myself that I wouldn’t get sucked into it, but then they had a sale and I have a soft spot of the saleslady at the Tony Moly at Seokgye station and I cracked and got me a palette. I remember how important Pikachu was in my bog collection as a kid in the nineties and how my friend who lived across from me wanted her and I got her one on the same day as I got my own, from a chips packet, so the thought of Pikachu brought many happy memories from my childhood and I thought, why not get some things to remind me of that?

Aside from the palette I also got a mask and some hand lotion samples, which I will review for you on another day.

Here is what the palette looks like:

The above picture was taken with some cosmos flowers here in South Korea:


I really like yellow, so I honestly did not even open the palette before buying it. It was the packaging that caught me.

This is what it looks like when opened:


Yay, some neutrals. One can never have too many of that. I also love the little plastic film with Pokémon themed pictures printed on it. How cute is it? I love that most Korean eye shadow palettes come with mirrors, while the palettes are still slim and sleek and never heavy or bulky. The brush will quite honestly be tossed, since I use either Mac or Real Techniques eye shadow brushes on a day to day basis.

This is what the colours look like close up from left to right:



I have been using them a bit before taking pictures and so it was quite hard for me to have my camera focus on the surface.



And here are the swatches:


To me the gold shimmer was bit underwhelming, but I suppose that’s because I’m used to Mac and Urban Decay neutrals, and they are hard to top. For what it is and how much I paid for it, I’d say it’s definitely worth it. There is also a Jigglypuff version that I want to get and I am in luck because they currently have a sale. I will review it as soon as I get my hands on it.

I am overall happy with the palette. It’s tiny and compact and have colours that will suit most all skintones and eye colours. It’s work appropriate, and even though the colour pay off isn’t A plus standard, it’s buildable. And if all else fails (which it hasn’t) you’ve always got the adorable packaging to be grateful for.

That’s it from me.




Mediheal Dress Code Blue Mask Review


Hello Guys

I’ve been intrigued by these masks for the longest time, as they have been all over instagram, but I just for the life of me couldn’t get my hands on them. I actually went out looking for them, but it was all in vain. To cut a long story short I found them very unexpectedly at Incheon International Airport, in one of their little curio shops. They only had the blue and the purple so I grabbed two of each.  As far as I know there are also red and black ones and maybe some others in this line, which I’ll try to get my hands on as well. Some of you may know that I dearly love to try dramatic sheet masks. They are fun and make you look awesome, instead of making you look like the Groke. I’ve tried masks that are like these but just plain black and only focusing on the eye areas. I’ve also tried an Etude House one that made me look like Batman. These are like intricate masquerade ball masks and they really are more girly, but I love it.

This is what they look like in the packaging.


I will write a review on the purple one once I’ve tried it.

Here is a picture of the back of the mask, with a list of the ingredients, and the instructions.


This is the first sheet mask from Mediheal that I’ve tried, that is a full face mask. I’ve tried their three step nose patches and I have a few of their charcoal eye masks in my stash that I still need to try and review for you. I must say for W2000 a piece, these are far superior to the average w1000 mask, and I was not holding my breath because companies usually charge more for colour printed masks than they do for the clear ones. Animal masks for example can go for up to 3 times the price, just because it’s an animal mask. These are definitely value for money though and I am very happy I eventually found them.

This is what it looked like applied to my face:



They say one should never smile while wearing a face mask, since it could cause wrinkles, but I must say my heart is smiling.

This is what the mask looked like after I removed it:



I really appreciate the art and the effort behind these masks, and they can cheer you up no matter what mood you’re in. This mask did a great job of moisturizing my face without feeling too oily. I believe the blue one says BERRY, I’d imagine blueberry. The texture of the liquid is not too milky but not too gel like either. Just right,a nd there was a lot of product left in the foil packet which I used to rub into my neck, decolletage and breasts. They would make great christmas stocking stuffers and I like that you don’t have to break the bank to get your hands on a few of them.

That’s it from me.

lots of love






4D Horse Fat Essence Mask

IMG_3230Hello Everyone

First off, I know the horse fat in the title is off putting, but I honestly bought the mask before I realised it actually contained horse fat. I then did some research and found that horse fat is actually something that is used in many skincare products because for years it has been known to do wonders for wrinkle prevention and the general care and maintenance of healthy skin. They claim that horse oil is very similar to human sebum and that’s why it works so well on our skin.

I was more intrigued by the concept of a four dimensional mask. And although the mask is still technically 2 dimensional in its shape as a flat sheet mask, I understand the concept because this mask doesn’t just cover the face, but it comes with loops that wrap under the chin and hook on the ears.


It kind of looks like an alien in a textbook I used to teach from here in Korea. But this is what it looks like ones applied:


As you can tell it the first layer already hooks on the ears, but then the bandages that wrap under the chin also hook on the ears, so the mask covers the entire face area, even under the chin and behind the ears. I must say, as someone with very very small ears, I don’t know if this will fit everyone’s face very well. It was a tight stretch for me.


I felt a bit like the troll meme character.

It was overall a lovely experience. I’m always up for a new adventure and a new mask. I bought this at Daiso for w1000, and I have another one called the Bird’s Nest 4D mask, so reviews will be up for it soon as well.

Here are the ingredients:


I won’t be repurchasing because I’m systematically going vegan, and this goes against my beliefs. The product did do what it said it would, but I’m sure they could’ve found good oils in plants rather than in animals. That doesn’t sit well with me.

Have you had any experience with 4d sheet masks? How did you find them?