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Lime Crime Metallic Velvetines Review

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Hi Ladies and Jellyspoons

If you follow me on instagram you will know that I have lately become quite obsessed with Lime Crime as a brand in its entirety. I use their Pony hair colour to dye the bleached section of my hair purple, and I’ve been obsessing over their Velvetines liquid lipsticks ever since I bought my first one. I will definitely be adding to this review since I really want all of colours they have, but I will only be covering my collection of their Metallic Velvetines today, or else this blog will get really long.  Lime Crime is an independant Vegan and cruelty free makeup  brand. In the dog eat dog world of the makeup industry, it’s really hard to find brands that are truly vegan and cruelty free, since a lot of brands make false claims about their products. I am happy to say that Lime Crime is legitimately what they claim to be. So if you’re done with contributing to the abuse and exploitation of animals, this is the brand for you.

Red Hot was one of the first ones I got along with some of their Matte Velvetines and one of their Perlees lipsticks. I can tell just from searching it on Instagram that it is massively popular and it stands to reason. It is a metallic pin up red, and some of you may know that the metallic lipstick trend that our mothers used to wear is all the rage again, and I couldn’t be happier. I actually had to put off reviewing this lipstick because I wore it to death, and one of my students stole it from my desk at school. I know who she is, because she has recently stopped greeting me and I have seen that one of a kind red sheen on her lips all too often ever since. I had to actually reorder it and then that order got stolen in the mail and Lime Crime actually sent me another order as compensation. So after all that, I finally have my baby back and I am wearing it to death all over again.

Eclipse was given to me for free when I made an order through their site in August during the all American eclipse. I originally wanted Raisin Hell which I believe to be a more deep plum as compared to Eclipse’s burgundy. It looks quite vampy on my almost wall paint white skin, but I’ve gotten so many compliments on it, and so many inquiries as to where I bought it, that I know it’s a hit even on me.

Posh was just a straight up must have for me since I have an obsession with all things violet or deep purple. It’s not to say that it’s the most flattering colour on me, but I feel like I can full off much more with my blue black hair than I used to when I was a cherry blonde.

Mermaid’s Grotto I just had to get because I’ve been dying to do a Snow Queen (Not Elsa, but Narnia or Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen) look for the longest time, and I thought it would be the perfect lipstick for it. Wait for it 😉 I’ll put pictures up on Instagram once I do the look. I am also a mermaid by heart so the mermaid theme of this lipstick and the rest of the collection really appeals to me.


This is another special addition Ans or came out with two other colours:  Blue Flame and Nightshade. Serpentia was a best selling lipstick in the nineties, but had been discontinued ever since and people have been begging them to bring it back. They did off course bring it back but in liquid form, and for a limited time only. Serpentia is a metallic bottle green with find gold shimmer. It might not be the most conventional colour, but there are many folks like myself who see makeup as an artistic expression, and don’t always go for the regular lipstick shades.

There you have it folks. I will most likely be updating this blog in the near future since they currently have an 85% sale and I have a discount code card.

For more information, click on Lime Crime. Also let me know if there are any of their products you’d like for me to review.




Aeria Skin Ultra Age-defying Mask Review


Hi Guys

Some of you may know that I have been sent a parcel with a few masks to try out in exchange for honest reviews on them. This is the what I got:


I have reviewed all of the large products on my site, and today I will reviewing the Ultra Age-defying Mask by Aeria Skin.

This is what it looks like:


I like the lilac packaging since purple in all its shades and tints is my favourite colour. It also matches my bedding 🙂

This is the back of the packet:


I think what’s important to note right off the bat is that this company does not test on animals. They have the cruelty free sign on the packet, along with the 100% organic cotton sign as well. So not only do they not test on animals but they also ensure that the sheet you throw away after using the mask is organic, which is better for you skin and for the environment, since it’s able to bio degrade completely and naturally.

My pet peeve about sheet masks is when you pull them out of the packet and they tear because the material is so thin and so heavily drenched in liquid. This mask comes with a plastic protective sheet at the back of it, which not only makes it easier to remove from the foil packet, but it makes it easier and less messy to apply.

I kept the sheet for you to see what it looks like:



The instructions say:

Begin with a thoroughly cleansed skin. Open packaging and remove the plastic liner film. Place the facial mask on and gently adjust over the eyes. Relax with the facial mask on for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask and discard. Pat remaining serum into skin. Follow with moisturizer. 

This is what it looked like on. I was battling with the flu so this sheet mask really made me feel spoilt and pampered.


Although this mask was not as slimy and collagen-like as some of the others I’ve reviewed recently, it definitely did a great job of staying on and moisturizing my skin. These masks are on a different league than the average w1000 masks you can pick up here in Korea. They look and feel like they are of a higher quality and the results are absolutely amazing. My skin felt so plumbed up and nourished after using this. I went to my husband and said: feel my face, and he was wowed by how smooth and healthy it was.

How would I feel about purchasing some of these? I’m definitely going to buy some masks from them in the future, including this one and some more of their eye masks.

That’s it from me. I will probably be inundating you with sheet masks reviews this month, because I have so many to try out.